October 25

Heart to Heart Avini Next Steps for Sharing

Sharing Avini Health Next Steps

How's your belief system? Is it rock solid? Do you hesitate when it comes to sharing Avini Health products? Let's talk about what your next steps might be when you hope to share powerful healing products with people you know. Everyone needs to detoxify, but they might not know why or how.

In this week's call we talk about toxicity in our everyday experiences, like vaccinations, air, water, and food. We also talk about ways to share information as well as your strong belief in the ability our Detoxolite has to remove heavy metals. That's where the magic begins - in your belief, your strength, and your ability to connect Heart to Heart with people you hope to help.

What Are Your Next Steps in Avini?

  • Learn how to use the products, and then use them consistently and persistently.
  • Use them all and get the benefits of long-term use as you gain health and strength. This will develop your belief system and get you your personal testimony and story to share.
  • Don’t run out. Take advantage of Autoship, 1st through the 10th of every month. You’ll get 20% back as rewards points to use on future purchases. Change it or cancel (I hope not) any time.
  • When you purchase, get a bundle or pre-pack. This makes the cost of each item less. You save money, and show others how to save money.
  • Notice. Become aware of how you feel, sleep, etc. Note the symptoms or conditions you’re hoping to clear, but also the miracle surprises you didn’t think were possible.
  • Consult as needed. Individuals who get healthier might not need the same (or as much) medication. Keep in touch with your doctor to make adjustments and reduce or eliminate medications or supplements.
  • Don’t stop. These products are intended for long-term use, do no harm, interfere with no medications (except the ones with heavy metals in them), and are a part of a healthy lifestyle which include choices for healing naturally.
  • Don’t ever give up . . . which kind of goes with the previous statement, but with more – the body takes time to heal. Bones take longer than liver, or skin, or brain. You might see evidence on the outside, but not know what miracles might be happening on the inside. Blood work and other measurable tests can show you what’s happening – safely, gradually, over time.

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