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Waking up to Spirit

Rosemary sedona 600 sqStrange things are happening around here – the kind of stuff that doesn’t usually happen. Mysterious beeps from the garage, dreams that carry clear messages, and a series of events that are shifting my practice a bit. I could categorize everything I mentioned under “weird stuff”, but it’s just unusual enough to get my attention. You see, I generally don’t need a big-hammer-kind-of-wake-up-call. I call that the Universal hammer that comes crashing down when a person doesn’t pay attention to the small stuff – like beeps in the garage. The hammer sometimes comes in the form of illness or injury, a bigger loss of some kind, or other tragedy. These kinds of events can be life-changing or just signals for a person to sit still and do self-care. Regardless, I’m not a fan of the Universal hammer. It hurts. I know because I’ve experienced that more than once, let’s just say.

You might think it’s odd to relate beeps in the garage to pending doom. Well, that’s a stretch, of course. They all add up, and I’ll show you how. These messages are from Spirit and we don’t necessarily understand right now what the little things mean. It’s an individual’s responsibility to recognize odd happenings as messages from spirit.

What do messages from spirit look like, or how do they feel?

1. Messages from spirit feel different than day-to-day activities. They stand out and sometimes require attention or action. That beep in the garage wasn’t my car acting up as I had thought. It was only after a trip to the car service for diagnostics that the real source was revealed – a low battery in the garage door opener. However, my car will be having much needed fluid changes. More importantly, chatting with a woman in the waiting area felt like we were both in the right place . . . for each other.

2. Messages from spirit feel urgent and sometimes a little annoying. I was in a semi-wakeful space early this morning when I could have sworn that someone was blowing a fan on my blankets to get me to wake up. Then, I felt the sensation of a finger poking my knee, then my head. Finally, a disturbing sense of cold came through my blankets. I was extremely annoyed with being awakened in such a manner, and frustrated at the same time because I couldn’t get the words out to say, “Leave me alone!”. My sense was that I needed to get up and pay attention to what’s coming through today. I’m on high alert for the next message as I write this article.

3. Messages from spirit often make you grow, though it may not seem like it at first. Initially, the situation might feel like a challenge or attack on your very nature. When this happens, the easy response is to become defensive or even ready for a fight. Instead, what seems like a challenge might, in fact, be an opportunity for something better, different, or bigger.

This last message for me brings growth close to home, feeling like it’s time for me to define more specifically what I do, and be able to extend my voice to more people. There’s a new website in the works, and my business name is in the process for trademark registration.

Through a series of subtle nudges, paying attention to messages from spirit, and taking action, anyone can do, well, anything! Heal, learn, grow, become more than you thought possible – these are all available when you’re awakened by spirit.

Call To Action

I’m told to give you a “call to action.” (Yes, even now, a message is coming through.) Here it is. Register for any Reiki class or workshop, or schedule an appointment in February 2020. I’ll give you a complementary 15 minute reading for messages from spirit to you, to be used only in February 2020. (It’s a now or NOW kind of thing.)

I’m excited to hear from you. Contact Rosemary



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