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About the Deepest Wounds

I had a client not long ago who was interested in many aspects of healing including emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Without getting into details (confidentiality, you see) I saw her as a brilliant professional who, like many women, was overlooked in her field – one often dominated by men. It was frustrating to her, to say the least.

During the integrative healing session I became aware of a “wound”, pinpointing its exact location in her body. We proceeded with the session, adding my protocol for healing deep wounds using certain tuning fork frequencies in a specific way that resonated with her highest healing potential.

At the end of this protocol she shared with me that two years ago she had unexplained pain in the spot I found. She had gone to see many medical professionals of all modalities and not one could diagnose her issues. Eventually over time her pain had subsided enough for her to function. Yet, the “wound” was still present, hiding deeply in her physical body, revealing itself during her session with me.

That’s how wounds are. They’re frequencies – just like my tuning fork frequencies – that begin to vibrate in resonance with sound. That’s a good thing, because wounds are frequencies that have become stuck in the cells, tissues, and organs of the body, hiding out and causing pain in the form of physical, emotional, and spiritual distress or dis-ease.

For my client, the physical symptoms were intertwined with her work challenges. The wound expressed itself as hidden pain – a deep wound from long ago – another lifetime, another situation that became embedded in her body.

That’s true for everyone!

     So, I’ve put together a Guide called “What You Need to Know About the Deepest Wounds” in hopes that it’ll help you uncover any mysterious symptoms or life frustrations you may have.

What You Need to Know About the Deepest Wounds

1. Deep wounds are not likely to have originated in this lifetime. The deepest wounds happened long ago and, because of their huge emotional impact, have become embedded in the eternal body – the soul DNA.

2. Deep wounds repeat . . . forever. Though the deep wounds happened long ago, they reappear across lifetimes as opportunities to heal. Perhaps you weren’t ready, spiritually evolved, aware, or didn’t have the tools you needed to heal at that time. Maybe the wound occurred as your soul left your body, leaving you without an opportunity for emotional release.

3. Deep wounds hide. Your subconscious mind always tries to protect you from hurt. Emotional pain that becomes too great to bear or be processed and healed becomes stored in the physical body. Though this may seem like a good system, the energy of wounds persists and may appear as significant health problems, discordance in relationships, dis-empowerment, or any of the lower vibrations of stuck energy.

4. Deep wounds eventually come to the surface. It’s a “deal with it now or deal with it later” kind of situation. Regardless, you will “deal with” the wound in order to heal.

5. Deep wounds aren’t necessarily “bad” or “extreme”. They’re likely a result of trapped feelings, misunderstandings, or a Soul Contract in which you’ve agreed to experience this particular pain in order to grow spiritually.

6. Deep wounds invite you to remember who you are . . . .Powerful, whole, filled with love and light. The deepest, oldest ORIGINAL wound is that you’ve forgotten who you are.

Shamanic Tuning – The Wounded Healer Protocol

     You have the ability to heal and the opportunity to experience total and complete healing. It’s what the body, mind and soul want to do. Shamanic tuning combines the healing arts of shamanism with the vibrational frequencies of specific tuning forks to uncover hidden wounds, uproot them completely and forever, fill you with the high vibrations of angels and celestial beings, and seal you in a bubble of Spiritual Light and Love.

Contact Rosemary to schedule an appointment or experience Shamanic Tuning and the Wounded Healer protocol in a workshop or course. Here’s the link for more information on The Wounded Healer Workshop.

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