May 24

Integrative Spiritual Enrichment

chakrabalanceIn all my years of practicing Reiki, one truth shines through. Reiki is an intelligent energy that grows and evolves.

It is my extreme pleasure to offer you a program I devised to bring not only Reiki classes (attunement and instruction), but also an integrative approach to adding the best tools to support energy healing and your use of Reiki.

Reiki 1 & 2 Foundation

This Integrative Foundation Training is for people who:

  • have been attuned to Reiki previously and want to enhance their experience and their Spirituality
  • want to become attuned to Reiki and learn, as quickly as possible, the techniques used by masters and healers of all kinds

Why are we offering this Integrative Spiritual Enrichment Program?

The world is ready for more people who are awakening to Spirit and the practices surrounding energy healing. Natural alternatives are not so much “alternatives” as they are a necessary part of living. Our connection to Source provides us with clarity and the tools we need to live in peace, with grace, ease and comfort.

As a participant in our Spiritual Enrichment Program you’ll receive all the information necessary to offer Reiki to yourself and to others, to offer distance healing, to utilize the energy tools of crystals, essential oils, and much more. We’ll get you started with a program filled with ways to enhance your experience and grow your connection to Spirit.

Your Transformational Experience

We offer the program but, ultimately, you do the work. The more you practice Reiki, working with crystals, essential oils, sound, and meditation, the greater you become aligned with Source. We encourage you to continue developing your abilities with journalling, staying connected to us with our secret facebook group, and with each other. We delight in your progress!

Join us!

Our next class is the part we refer to as Intensive Training. This special series of workshops is usually part of our Apprentice Program, but we’ve super-charged it for you. Our next Intensive Training is coming soon – May 30. Check our calendar for details.

For more information, pricing, and special offers, please visit our website.



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