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How to Have White Teeth Naturally

Healthy Gut For White Teeth

I don't necessarily recommend doing what I did, but I'd love for you to notice the results of having naturally white, clean, healthy teeth if you integrate a few steps for natural healing. What did I do? I stopped going to the dentist, and I worked on my general health.

At first it was a global thing - no appointments due to COVID 19 which  stopped me from my usual schedule of getting my teeth cleaned every 6 months. I'm pretty good at using an electric toothbrush, flossing tools, and water technology for general cleaning. I stay away from fluoride, both in my toothpaste and in the water we use at home. I don't drink coffee (anymore) and never have enamel-leaching soda drinks. Smoking isn't a consideration, never having smoked. These are standard of care!

I postpone what I believe to be unnecessary x-rays - a dose of radiation, however small, goes against my beliefs. I like to avoid exposure to x-rays as much as possible! When I finally made an appointment to get my teeth cleaned (possibly out of guilt for waiting so long - 2 years) there was very little plaque. In fact, there was almost nothing to scrape off. I knew I was on the right track.

Healthy teeth are intricately aligned with a healthy gut and healthy heart. Bad bacteria in your mouth can get into the bloodstream and cause circulatory issues. This brings to mind what I believe was an over-reaction years ago. One time when I had pneumonia (I was in my twenties), a doctor detected a heart murmur and suggested I'd need antibiotics before dental procedures for the rest of my life. (Here's a clue . . . when anyone says you need to do or take something "for the rest of your life", take it as a sign that they have very little idea of how the body can heal.)

Why would I need to take antibiotics before a dental procedure? It's called antibiotic prophylaxis, a precautionary course of antibiotics before dental work to help prevent infection in the heart from bacteria in the mouth entering the bloodstream. It's now not recommended since the harm caused by antibiotics outweighs the potential for risk during dental procedures.

Okay. Back to getting healthy white teeth. Actually it's pretty simple. A healthy gut gets you healthy teeth and gums! White teeth come from within, not by trying to whiten, scrape, and treat your teeth. You must have an inside-out approach.

First, What Doesn't Work

  1. Chemicals - bleaches and gels, sold by my dentist with custom made trays to fit my teeth. I've used whitening strips, whitening toothpastes, and, of course, polishing every 6 months with each cleaning. All of these are temporary, at best.
  2. Scraping - plaque builds up on the surfaces of teeth in response to poor diet, poor gut health, and poor mouth flora (good bacteria in your mouth.) Scraping is also temporary.

How to Have White Teeth Naturally


  • Stop getting toxic treatments that include heavy metals - like amalgam (mercury) fillings and mercury root canals. Contrast MRIs with gadolinium can hurt you, especially if you have more than one, or if your body doesn't process gadolinium well.
  • Stop getting vaccinations with mercury and aluminum preservatives.
  • Stop smoking and vaping. Smoking not only stains your teeth, but also adds heavy metals, pesticides, and other chemicals to your body. 
  • Stop certain foods and chemicals. Sugars, chemical pesticides like glyphosate, gluten, processed foods, chemical toothpastes, peroxides, and medications are but a few elements that upset the balance of healthy flora in your mouth (and body). These also create acidity throughout the body and drain the body of phosphorous.
  • Stop mouth breathing. This can dry out your gums and hurt healthy bacteria in your mouth, which can then lead to gum disease and tooth decay.
  • Stop drinking unfiltered or distilled water. Unfiltered water contains toxins and chlorine. Distilled water contains nothing but water and is devoid of natural minerals. Distilled water can actually leach minerals from your body - minerals that are important for healthy teeth, bones, and gut. Both types of water are harmful.


  • Actively remove heavy metals and other toxins through safe and simple detoxification with Cell Defender zeolite.
  • Actively and safely get your amalgam fillings removed. This is a main source of mercury in the body and is extremely harmful.
  • HEAL

    • Heal your gut. If you have a leaky gut, your gums are likely unhealthy, too. It's amazing how having healthy gut flora and repairing a leaky gut can help stabilize your overall health. Your pH becomes balanced, your immune system gets better at identifying bad microbes and foreign substances so you don't undergo an autoimmune response.
    • Choose foods that support healing. Dark green vegetables and dark fruits add antioxidants and prebiotics (fiber) to support gut health. Eat foods as close to raw and unprocessed as possible. Add a fiber supplement like Plus Fiber from Avini.
    • Support gut health further with fermented foods. Soak nuts before eating. Enjoy adding probiotics naturally with organic fruits and vegetables. This also helps recolonize healthy mouth bacteria, essential for healing.


    Natural, at-home remedies often work well. Though not supported by modern medicine, try these ideas:

    • Brush with baking soda, or add baking soda to your chemical-free toothpaste. Instantly, you've created an alkaline environment to counteract acidic bacteria. It's not a total fix, but feels pretty nice in your mouth.
    • Swish with coconut oil (also called oil pulling), then spit it out.
    • Make a soothing serum with essential oils. Myrrh, frankincense, and pretty much any essential oil has antibacterial properties. What you're looking for here is to soothe and seal, so avoid hot oils like clove, oregano, and cinnamon. Use myrrh and frankincense with or without a carrier oil directly on gums.
    • Brush with Cell Defender zeolite. This is an amazing choice as Cell Defender is the only safe zeolite to use in this way. It's micronized (tiny) and totally clean of toxins it's picked up in the environment. Therefore, it's ready to work for you. Brush your teeth as you normally would. Then put a drop or two of Cell Defender in your mouth and brush again . . . just for a minute. Plaque will be released. Healthy mouth flora will be encouraged to grow.


    Let's talk about gum recession. It's not really a part of the "How to Have White Teeth" article, but really important. Let's just say that if they tell you it's not possible to regrow receding gums, they don't really understand how the body heals. Do all of the above, then contact me about an anti-inflammatory pain reliever that works amazingly on gum recession.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

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