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How to Block Miracles

chakrabalanceWhat Do You Call a Miracle?

The dictionary describes “Miracles” as an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause, a work of God, a wonder, or marvel.

You might think of miracles as cures for diseases, lucky coincidences, good fortunes, or divine intervention.


I like to think of Miracles as normal, natural, everyday events. Even though we can’t explain HOW or WHY something happens, when we are in alignment with All That Is – God – we provide for the purest expression of God in ourselves, all events, things, beings, thoughts, words, and actions. In addition, using the word “normal” doesn’t minimize anything. Instead, we bring to light what we may frequently take for granted – in everything from how cells work to why stars shine.

Miracles are the way the heart beats, even if we don’t think about it. Miracles are the “good” bacteria in our bodies that help provide balance and keep us healthy. Miracles are the emotions that inspire and motivate us, soften our thoughts, or help us stand in our power to change the world. Miracles are the inner “knowing” we all have for every aspect of living.

Science tries to explain these phenomena. In doing so, the gap is closing on events we perceive to have scientific explanations and what is sacred. In fact, there is no division between miracles and the explainable . . . except our capability to understand. In fact, it is our lack of understanding of the true nature of miracles that blocks miracles from happening.

It’s not only possible to block miracles, but we do it all the time. We block good things from happening in our lives. We block our good health. We block relationships, money, and creativity. We block our talents and gifts from shining. We block our abilities to manifest what we want. Miracles could be more simply achieved and recognized, but we block what we want most.

How to Block Miracles

  • Self-sabotage. Keep making the same mistakes, poor choices, and bad decisions. Repeat.
  • Confusion. Every time you think you’re on the right path, do or say something that confirms the opposite. Proclaim the miracle you want, but expect to not get it.
  • Let your emotions run your life. Did I say “run”? How about “ruin”? Emotions are very powerful.
  • Denial. Your belief that miracles don’t exist is as powerful as someone else’s belief that miracles do exist. Keep on denying to block your miracles from happening.
  • Unworthiness. If someone told you that you don’t deserve a miracle – that you’re not worthy – and you believe them, they’re right. Belief in your unworthiness is a great miracle blocker.

The Right Conditions for Miracles

Of course, we don’t really want to block miracles. What we really want is to be open to receiving miracles – one of the many benefits we have for living here on earth. You can become aware of the miracles that exist around you.  Furthermore, you have the power to create the right conditions for miracles now in your life.

The Healer’s Journey

healers journey news headerMy free webinar series, The Healer’s Journey, includes discussion on miracles. We’ll talk about becoming more aware of “ordinary” miracles as well as how to create the right conditions for miracles to manifest.


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