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Healer's Journey

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You bring your own story to the world. You've experienced trauma and suffering.

You can't explain the intuitive feelings, and inner passion that drives you.

You have joy in helping others, and want more out of life.


You're invited to change your life.

The Healer's Journey Master Class Webinar Series and Inner Circle will reopen in January 2019 as a part of the Lightworker Studio Online Courses.

"I discovered Rosemary with Second Nature Healing when I took a course from Rosemary. That experience sparked something inside me to want to learn more about my spiritual journey and how I can help others with their journey. So when I saw that Rosemary was going to offer a weekly free webinar called “The Healer’s Journey”, there was no doubt I just had to join.  Each week Rosemary provides thought provoking topics, leaves adequate time to answer questions, and follows up with additional information.  Each webinar is recorded and posted on YouTube for future reference. Thank you, thank you, thank you, you have changed my life! I’m excited to continue my journey with you." Briana S.


"The coaching session instigated a real shift for me. . .  Thank you again for the gift of this session! I have been sending so much gratitude to you and hope it has reached you with the strength I used to send it." T.R.




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