December 30

Detox and Vaccinations

Why is detoxification necessary when vaccinating your pet?

I learned the hard way that following veterinary protocols for foods, vaccinations, and parasite treatments can be devastating to your pet’s health.

When we first brought our yellow lab puppy home at the age of 12 weeks, we were delighted with her in every way. Of course we wanted the best for her so she could have a long and healthy life. That’s why, when we took her to our vet, we followed all of his directions completely.

Ginger received every vaccine on schedule. We bought her the best and probably most expensive commercial dog food (it was kibble). We applied drops of poison to kill fleas and ticks, and gave her wafers of poison for heartworm control.

It was all wrong.

By the time Ginger was 6 years old, she was diabetic, had terrible ear infections and allergies out of control, and fatty lumps. She was in a lot of trouble and I was determined to help her heal, ever trying to reverse her diabetes with natural remedies.

And then there came cancer.

Ginger collapsed early one morning. The sound of her body hitting the floor had me jumping instantly out of bed. Though I thought it might have been low blood sugar causing her collapse, we later found out at the emergency vet that her spleen had ruptured. She was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma, a blood cancer that I now know is linked to toxicity.

It all starts with toxicity.

I’ve never encountered a vet who addressed toxicity before trying to treat my dog. They aren’t trained in the true cause of dis-ease, but rather utilize medical interventions, drugs, and surgery to treat symptoms. But I always wanted to know, what caused the symptoms in the first place.

Now I know, it’s toxicity

Toxins come from:

  • Foods (especially commercial pet foods
  • Vaccines, which are filled with heavy metals like aluminum (aluminum salts) or mercury (thimerosal), preservatives, antigens (killed by heat or, more likely, by formaldehyde)
  • Your environment – pesticides, fertilizers, flame-retardant and stain-resistant treatments on furniture and carpets, benzene on their feet when they cross the street, and more!
  • Chemicals you use for cleaning, or apply to the skin
  • Tap water, filled with chlorine and other chemicals that modern city water filtration doesn’t take out – like caffeine, antihistamines, drugs like Prozac and chemotherapy, etc.

Toxins from vaccinations add to the toxic burden.

When making choices for your pet, it’s important to understand the cumulative effect of toxins. Toxins from food, water, your environment, and the chemicals you use in your home add to the toxic burden. Vaccinations, even by themselves, have the ability to throw a healthy animal into a toxic reaction, or a compromised animal into an irreversible condition.

Toxic reactions

Toxic reactions from vaccines are called vaccinosis. It means that, after receiving a vaccine, your animal has symptoms associated with the chemicals and toxins in the vaccine. They may include:

  • Cancer at the injection site (it’s why vets recommend shots in the hind quarters as opposed to the shoulder – because it’s easier to amputate a hind leg than a front leg!!!)
  • Cancer – in general (like lymphoma)
  • Aggression or other changes in behavior, like “foggy brain” (instant aging)
  • Allergies
  • Seizures
  • Skin conditions
  • Fever and immune system deficiencies that can lead to immune system failure, like diabetes, cancer, arthritis, and a multitude of other dis-eases

If you vaccinate . . .

You have choices. If you leave your decisions up to your vet, you could be like I was – uninformed, unprepared, and compromising the health and life of your pet.

You can choose to only vaccinate the minimum amount, and only do single vaccines considered “core” rather than combo vaccines. One parvo or distemper vaccine at the right time may be enough to establish immunity.

You may choose to wait until 12 to 16 weeks of age to administer any vaccines, after immunities from the mother have worn off.

Definitely detox

Detoxification with an activated liquid oral chelator (zeolite) may be the best solution to support life-long health for your pet. Not only does active detoxification help ensure immediate removal of toxins from vaccines, but it also helps reduce toxic stress from environmental and nutritional sources.

What you can do now

Today, we have a new puppy. She’s 14 weeks old, and received her first combo vaccine, DAPPT, at the age of 8 weeks from a vet our breeder used. Though he made sure our puppy had finished nursing before vaccinating, it was still very early, and still a combo vaccine.

Fortunately, I had given him 2 bottles of detox to give all the puppies and the mother. In addition, our puppy continues to get detox every day.

Later today, when I receive the vaccinations we ordered, my puppy will get a single parvo dose. She’s also getting frequent doses of detox for a few weeks to ensure she has no reactions, and doesn’t hold onto any of the toxins in the vaccines.

In 2 weeks, our puppy will receive a single dose of distemper vaccine. We’ll follow the same detox protocol for her to ensure no vaccinosis – harmful reactions.

If you’ve never detoxed your pet (or yourself)

Now is the time to start. Become informed. Don’t take chances. Don’t rely on the limited training of your vet. You have the power and ability to make better choices for the health and life of your family.

Not your ordinary detox

Not all detox products and methods are the same. In fact, there’s only one detox that I’ve used since 2006. It helped save my Ginger’s life after diabetes and hemangiosarcoma . . . with results that might have been impossible to achieve.

Call me. I’m happy to help get you started with an initial consultation.


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