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Shamanic Secrets For Healing

When Modern Medicine and Shamanism Meet

A friend and student of mine recently underwent a double bypass heart surgery. (I’ll call her “C” for privacy.) It was a scary procedure, for sure, with not only the hours she endured through surgery, but also the months before that experience in which she ignored signs of pain, weakness, and knowing that “something” was not right.

I can’t explain every step that led up to the surgery, (that’s mostly her story) but I have permission to share a few experiences from my point-of-view that highlight the integration of shamanic practices and modern medicine.

Have You Accessed Your Inner Shaman?

1. Preparation

As a teaching practitioner, and leader of our healing community, I invited students and fellow practitioners to a virtual healing circle for the heart patient. During COVID restrictions, and because of her weakened health, we were still able to meet online to provide healing and support over a distance.

Shamanic Tools and Healing Space

We each chose our tools, set our intentions, created the space, and prepared for our healing circle with everything in place. We each brought crystals, artifacts, feathers, oracle or tarot cards, and our connection devices of computers and/or phones for visual and verbal interaction. “C” and her partner were the primary recipients of our healing intentions – for a smooth surgery, ease and grace for all involved, and a steady hand for the surgeon.

Messages that came through felt supportive, calming, and well-received. Our interactions helped dissolve stress and empower with visualizations, breathing exercises, and spiritual guidance.

Preparation relies on having not just the tools, but the community and practices that support healing. Where modern medicine provides preparation advice in the form of no eating before surgery, stopping certain medications and supplements, or sanitizing, what is often overlooked is preparation of the spirit.

Our virtual healing circle helped “C” and her partner prepare emotionally and spiritually for a seriously invasive medical procedure.

2. Community

While leaving the hospital is a good goal, having community support in place makes recovery easier and more effective. A friend organized a meal train to help get us started.

Though she’s not fond of meat, “C” followed my recommendation to add meat to the menu to support her recovery. I prepared a simple beef and vegetable soup for her and her partner that hit the spot.

Other foods important for recovery and blood building would include dark green vegetables, easy to digest proteins, liquids, and minerals.

“C” has friends and community support vital to healing. Where the skills of the surgeon end, the community picks up to continue the journey. Shamanism incorporates the wisdom of “the many” for all aspects of healing.

3. Plant and Animal Medicine

Essential oils such as Sacred Frankincense is great for healing and recovery, especially to carry oxygen in the blood. Other oils provide grounding (vetiver), stimulate circulation (oregano, basil, and thyme), assist in calming for sleep (lavender and spruce), or help heal wounds (helichrysum).

Around the house, plant medicine provides a presence or environment for healing. “C”‘s healing space has a large beautiful plant, and several other plant companions are in her space, holding the energy of the Plant Nation, bringing oxygen to her while she sleeps.

In the weeks following her surgery, “C” has benefited from the purring vibration of her cat’s paws on her chest (sound healing for bone regrowth).

Though not on the visiting nurse’s follow up list, plants and animals are vital to healing and recovery. They reconnect us to nature – the Ultimate Healer for us all.

4. Life Force

Today we chatted about her anemia and other things she’s noticing. She was anemic before surgery, and is still experiencing anemia (low red blood cell count, low oxygen-carrying capacity). “C” commented on how much she’s enjoying meat, not able to tolerate the vitamins the doctor gave her, and how her tastes have changed.

She’s noticed dream patterns are different, and she has a heightened sensitivity to animals, sharing how a crow friend has accepted food from her hand recently.

Though puzzling to her, there’s a possible answer in shamanic terms. “C” confirmed that she had a blood transfusion the night before surgery. It was to help ensure a successful surgery since she’d already been anemic for some time.

I suggested that blood cells and plasma have memory. The transfusion she received could carry the vibration of the blood donor, now expressed as having a taste for meat, intolerance for specific supplements, and other sensitivities that weren’t present before.

Medically, a blood transfusion provided vital hemoglobin, iron, and oxygen for “C”. In shamanic terms, “C” was transfused with life force energy that helped sustain her through the surgery, and leaves her feeling like something’s different . . . like she perhaps carries the life force of another being.

Life Force is always available to anyone who asks and is willing to receive. It exists in the form of thoughts, intentions, food, ceremony, and nature’s creatures in our environment.

Shamanism – a Reconnection to Healing

There’s no secret to shamanic wisdom, just a return to simple practices that have supported life on this planet for eons.

When shamanism meets modern medicine, success is greater and recovery is faster. “C” is two weeks ahead of schedule, according to her doctor.

“C”‘s cat knows exactly where to place his paws for the heart and bone to heal. We should all have so much wisdom.

I invite you to Awaken Your Inner Shaman and learn how shamanic practices fit into your life for total healing of body, mind, and spirit.


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