April 21

Aromatherapy and Reiki

Have you ever fallen into something you just love?

I did. I love using essential oils – essences, learning and sharing what I cherish most about them. Even more, I love how using pure, excellent grade essential oils complements Reiki and Spiritual Energy Healing. You can enjoy the benefits of working with essential oils and enhance your Reiki practice – on any level!

Nature’s Bounty of essential oils, carefully distilled and extracted from plants provides us with everything we need for good health. When we use pure essential oils, we capture the concentrated value of “plant medicine” – the ancient wisdom of plants that support health and vitality.

Aromatherapy Supports Healing and Recovery

I’ve taken extra care to weave in the experience and knowledge of essential oils into each of my Integrative Reiki classes. Did you know that each essential oil has a specific vibration? These vibrations work with Reiki and the body to help balance chakras, and enliven, invigorate, ground, and protect personal energies. Learn to use essential oils for all aspects of wholeness and well being – with Reiki.

No previous experience or materials are needed. However, you may want to have your own Essential Oils Kit once you discover the multitude of uses.

Aromatherapy and Healthy Weight

Did you know that smelling grapefruit can help curb your appetite?

Did you know that Peppermint can suppress cravings? 

Lemons provide antioxidants, and can improve both metabolism and digestion. 

Did you know that certain plants, like cinnamon and ocotea, can support healthy blood sugar?

Aromatherapy for Relief

Got stress?

Aromatherapy for daily relaxation and stress relief not only helps reduce anxiety, but can also reduce pain – physical, emotional, and spiritual relief are possible with aromatherapy.

In classes, I demonstrate the use of many single essences, encouraging students to intuitively choose what they need in that moment – for that intention.

Note – If you are one of our Integrative Reiki students, you’ll learn how to use essential oils with Reiki as a part of my shamanic Reiki program.

Natural Remedies – Medicinal Aromatherapy

What if you could have vibrant health in a more natural way – without side-effects?

Natural essential oils may provide an option for you. Let me show you how.

Did you know that many plants are naturally good for killing germs?

Try the essential oils made from these plants and see how effective they are . . . clove, oregano, thyme, basil, and tea tree.

Certain essences help you feel grounded and safe . . . like vetiver and spruce.

Other essences, like rose, blue cypress, ylang ylang, jasmine, and helichrysum offer healing properties that go beyond the physical – to spiritual and emotional well being.

Pure Lavender essential oil is great for skin, but its scent is also relaxing.

Try lavender at bedtime, without fear of addiction!


Through resources, knowledge, experience and education, I support your choices to heal naturally. Pure therapeutic grade essences may be some of the tools you choose to use on your journey.



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