June 15

You Win With Avini Health

What Does it Mean to Win With AVINI Health?

We're talking about results in today's Heart to Heart Avini Health Coaching. Recently, my friend Marcy posted a brief dialog we'll use as a guide for our coaching call. It begins like this . . . We can discuss first results with Avini Cell Defender anytime.

My favorite response is: Has it happened  for you yet?  Are you a overnight miracle or a over time success story.

Lets look for some of the clues to your success. Watch the video below for the entire coaching call. At the end, I have a link for the transcript, in case you'd like to read our discussion. It's slightly edited for spelling.

What are we working on.  Did you get sick overnight or over time? Let's be sure we are working overtime to get your results.

How many drops and how often? Let's look for the inch worm results. What was your day like yesterday? 

I  want to be sure we are both looking for results. I know how well these products work. So I have great expectations.

The science of this product is clear and the fact is the products work, on everyone.  However, everyone is  different and because we are different, our body has shown signs of its needs differently. We simply adjust THE AVINI Health Plan to your needs, to achieve  your personal results.

The Avini Cell Defender  goes to work where you need it most. You may never know what it helped your body fix first.  

But the fact is the product works and it works on Everyone. That's what science is - a repeatable or predicable response repeats itself that Is a fact . . . even if you have not recognized it as one yet. 

So lets keep layering out the garbage to get to the healthy YOU that's been trapped in it.

Toxins drive Disease Discomfort and Despair. I'm the trash collector,  I came for yours today. 

Toxins removed by appointment. I am appointing you to take on the most important  cleaning project in Your own personal history.  Cell Defender will make that clean up your wellness future . 

Fact is you win!!!

Enjoy the Heart to Heart Avini Coaching video. Need help right away? Contact me.

Here's the TRANSCRIPT.


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