July 4

Heart to Heart Breakthrough

When things look like they're falling apart all around you, , you might feel like you're a part of the chaos, perhaps even a victim! I know . . . and yet each breakdown is personal, felt differently, received uniquely, and comes with its own set of circumstances - life stage, state of health, finances, and personal fortitude.

Breakdown is a vital part of every cycle. (Here's my biology teacher personna coming through.) Death, decomposition, renewal, and rebirth, followed by growth, decline, and once again, death. And yet it never ends with death because everything flows through the cycle.

You might be wondering what this has to do with your breakthrough. I'm hoping to shed light on a different perspective. There must be breakdown in order to BREAK THROUGH.

I'm not talking about suffering. It's an unfortunate paradigm to think that one needs to suffer in order to heal, become stronger, better, or even more successful. Suffering needs to be seen for what it is - a low vibration. Of course, low vibrations can lead you into further suffering and despair. You can even hold onto it and bring it with you wherever (and whenever) you go. But what if you shifted that belief - that old paradigm - into a higher vibration? WHAT WOULD IT FEEL LIKE TO BREAK THROUGH?

If you're all about breaking through instead of breaking down, you'll want to join us for this week's Heart to Heart Coaching call.


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