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Heart to Heart Avini Coaching Mistakes and Energy

Avini Cell Defender - The 8 Biggest Mistakes and Their Energy Significance

Mistakes are choices that have a negative impact on enjoying life, healing, being productive, thoughtful and heart-centered. Mistakes relate well to energy centers in the body to help us understand how to be more effective in helping people with Avini Cell Defender products and opportunity.

1. They hear about Avini Cell Defender zeolite, and though it sounds like a good idea, they do nothing about it.

This is a mistake because they’ve been shown something everyone needs to remove heavy metals. This kind of “supplement” or method of healing is NOT on most people’s radar. They don’t think it applies to them, it doesn’t feel important, or they don’t relate their current health issues to toxicity. They might not trust you.


SOLAR PLEXUS - Connection and trust in you

THIRD EYE – They skip tapping into their intuitive abilities to receive insight into the value of what they have found. 

2. Decide to use zeolite but look for, and buy, a knock-off, cheaper version such as powdered or synthetic zeolite.

This is a mistake because they won’t get the results you hope for with zeolite that hasn’t been cleaned to a level of ultimate purity, and micronized to its smallest cage structure. They’ll want the best benefits as Avini Cell Defender is able to enter the bloodstream and work like millions of tiny kidneys for you as it works in the body.

ENERGY – ROOT, about money

SOLAR PLEXUS, self-worth, getting by with a lesser version that’s good enough

3. They don’t take it . . . or don’t take enough of it, often enough.

They’ve made a great decision to purchase Avini Cell Defender, but they only bought a bottle, so they’re trying to “make it last”. They start out great, taking 10 drops right away, but then forget about it.

I’ve been there, too. I didn’t know what I had my hands on years ago when I was trying to help my dog get through her health challenges. She had sporadic doses, which helped, but it wasn’t enough until we realized how much trouble she was really in! By stepping up her doses to “crisis” we were able to help her survive surgery and overcome the dreaded cells that nearly killed her.

ENERGY – ROOT, SOLAR PLEXUS. This is about value, urgency, and self-worth.

4. They give up, or stop taking it.

The body heals at its own rate. We can’t see what’s happening on the inside as toxins are captured and escorted out of the body. Results can be subtle, and may only show up in blood work. Consider this. If they’ve never detoxed with Avini Cell Defender, then they likely have years of toxins stored in body tissues (brain, bones, fat, joints, etc.) Allow the body time to heal as they detox safely, gradually over time. Never stop. The truth is that we have a constant barrage of toxins coming at us every day. We can keep up with the ones we experience today, and turn back the clock on a few yesterdays by never stopping.

ENERGY – CROWN. This is about understanding and trust in a higher power.

5. They ask the opinion of a medical authority who has no knowledge of zeolite, or Avini Cell Defender, to advise them on this product.

ENERGY – SOLAR PLEXUS, ROOT. This is about personal power and trust in yourself. It’s also about FEAR and being able to survive.

Years ago, in 2005, my nephew’s wife has a horrible diagnosis of bad cells in her gut. It was aggressive, so when I got the news I started looking for something to help her. I KNEW there was an answer, so I asked for help and put the word out to holistic, integrative practitioners. I got answers that lead me to a woman in Nebraska who had an invasive bad cell problem threatening her life just a few months prior. Her story gave me hope (Yes, she’s still here, and a good friend, too). When I purchased this special, clean, micronized zeolite, I sent her several bottles to get started right away. Of course, she took it to her doctor, who advised her not to take it as she was “part of a study”.

You can imagine what happened next. She suffered greatly, never taking the precious drops I sent her. She died after a couple of horrible years, multiple surgeries, many poisonous IVs, leaving three young children behind. She was only in her 30’s.

6. They put off any decision to buy or use Avini products.

This is a mistake because people are “fine” until they’re not. Healing is a reactive process, it’s ONGOING. As a part of prevention, the mindset would be most helpful if they became proactive for health instead of making fear-based decisions about trying to fix a problem.

ENERGY – ALL CHAKRAS. This is about feeling good in your body (root) as much as self-worth (solar plexus) and trusting divine messages that urge them toward healthy habits and practices.

7. They become a medical miracle. They don’t tell anyone. 

Zeolite works to detoxify and help them in their healing process. The doctor notices and says to keep doing what they’re doing. Friends and family are glad they’re better.T hey don’t share their story. They don’t help anyone.

ENERGY – ALL CHAKRAS. This is about aligning to your life’s purpose and helping others do the same.

When we’re well, there’s ultimate joy and a desire to share and support. It’s human nature. We thrive on community and see it as a survival mechanism for the species. Humans who feel safe have no fear. Humans who are well are more outgoing and productive, speak from the heart, are intuitive, thoughtful, and connected to Source.

8. They decide to share their story and try to help people, but after telling people once or twice, they give up. They don’t follow up. They don’t keep trying.

ENERGY – ALL CHAKRAS. There’s a huge disconnect here regarding what AVINI has and represents, and how people feel about themselves.

Can they communicate well enough? Will people trust them? Where’s the upline help? It’s also about self-worth and being paid for helping people (sharing the Avini message). These are old wounds we still see among healers and people helping others. We should want to help, of course, but giving away our time, money, and products goes against all basic needs for supporting self and family. There’s a balance, of course, when we are rewarded for actions and results that benefit everyone.


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