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The Spirituality of Essential Oils

Aromatherapy For the Soul

Nature’s bounty of essential oils, carefully distilled and extracted from plants provides you with everything you need to help promote good health. When you use pure essential oils, you capture the concentrated value of “plant medicine” – the ancient wisdom of plants that support health, vitality, and spirituality.

Weave the experience and knowledge of essential oils into your spiritual practice.

Did you know that each essential oil has a specific vibration? These vibrations work with your energy – even at the Soul level – to help balance chakras, and enliven, invigorate, ground, and protect personal energies.

Learn to use essential oils for all aspects of wholeness, well being, and spiritual growth.


Through resources, knowledge, experience and education, I support your choices to heal naturally and experience wholeness in your well-being. Pure therapeutic grade essential oils may be some of the tools you choose to use on your journey.

The Spirituality of Essential Oils takes you deeper into your skills and abilities as an intuitive healer.

The Spirituality of Essential Oils provides a combination of learning styles. You’ll have the unique ability to access me personally throughout the course. By the completion of this course you’ll have not only a better feel for tapping into your soul connections, but also an understanding of working with essential oils. In addition you’ll create a resource you make yourself that reflects your own intuitive skills when working with essential oils – your Resource Book of The Spirituality of Essential Oils .

The one gift you can easily develop and enhance is your psychic ability – a natural gift you’ve always had, but perhaps forgot how to use. Now, in this easy-to-learn course I’ve developed called The Spirituality of Essential Oils, you have the opportunity to remember the ease and grace of connecting to Spirit – All That Is – through one of the most beautiful gifts of nature – plant medicine and essential oils. I’m excited that you want to join in this co-creative process.

What is the Co-creative Process?

Because I’ve developed my psychic abilities over many years, tapping into my intuition has become pretty easy – effortless, in fact. In my personal experience I found working with essential oils to be the most powerful, not only because essential oils smell nice, but also because they have deep, ancient wisdom to share. When we work together, I’ll lead you through some exercises and give you information to help you do what I do – talk to and learn from essential oils, and hear their messages. Your feedback is critical in this process so I can work with you to fine-tune how you can most easily succeed.

The focus of The Spirituality of Essential Oils is to help you develop an intuitive understanding of the Plant Nation so you can enhance your connection to Spirit and develop a more highly intuitive practice. Having a greater intuitive awareness helps develop confidence, motivation, a flow of energy, and a greater ability to manifest.

If you’ve ever worked with essential oils, you might have been curious about what they are or how to use them. Looking them up in a book or online might have helped a bit, but did you ever notice how one source often repeats – word-for-word – the meanings and benefits from another source? It doesn’t take much thought to know that plants have more to say than that, or even that the same plant or essential oil in a different situation, or used by a different person could offer another point-of-view.

You’ll be working with various essential oils, meditation techniques, and creating your personal Spiritual Library of oils, siting their messages as you receive them from Spirit.


WEEKS 1&2 – Modules 1&2 – Personal Pre-class Study Materials and Activities

  • You’ll begin your practice by connecting to the Spiritual Nature of Plants
  • You’ll be able to understand the physical formations of plants and plant parts (spirit in physical form) and get to know more about “who” they are and the messages they bring.
  • You’ll explore the parts as well as the wholeness of plant energy and the energy they hold

WEEK 3 – Module 3 – A Three-Hour Live Class

  • You’ll raise your awareness of plants and their vibrations, and you’ll learn to break through mental blocks that keep you from communicating with them.
  • You’ll work with actual essential oils, and learn about resources available to you to start your own library of essential oils.
  • You’ll learn proper techniques and methods to use and apply essential oils for spiritual activation and growth.

WEEK 4 – Module 4 – One-Hour Online Webinar

  • You’ll practice the art of letting go of your analytical mind to access messages from spirit.
  • You’ll begin to record your personal findings and messages from spirit.
  • Participate in two online class meetings to share and feel supported.

WEEK 5 – Module 5 – One-Hour Online Webinar

  • Discover essential oils that support harmony and vibration
  • Choosing essential oils for the transmutation of energy

WEEK 6 – Module 6 – A Three-Hour Live Class

  • Aromatherapy for the Soul
  • Spirituality of Essential Oils in Practice
  • Personalize Your Library for various uses, wearing, using in your environment, using in your practice
  • Present Your Project, Your Resource Book of The Spirituality of Essential Oils

On top of the Live and Online lessons, you’ll also get:

  • Checkpoint BONUS – Personal 1:1 Coaching session with Rosemary
  • Before moving forward to Week 4 you’ll need to schedule a phone or zoom session with Rosemary. Work through some of the blocks you perceive or enhance your skills with additional support.
  • Email check-ins so you can ask me questions and send me feedback.
  • Purchase the Premium Starter Kit of essential oils if you don’t already have one. (My oil collection is always available in class for you to explore.)

Finally, you’re a participant in a much bigger way. Your feedback and input are vital for the way the course takes shape – now and in the future. The Spirituality of Essential Oils represents a small part of what’s to come, but sets the tone and foundation for learning essential skills to help you Master Your Craft.


What People Are Saying

“Rosemary was wonderful! From the moment she opened the door to welcome me, it was an easy connection. She matched the pace of the class to our needs. The second class really pulled it all together. At the end of the program I felt very confident. Thank you!” D.K.

“This experience was so well taught! I feel confident enough to bring this into the world myself after Rosemary’s teachings. Rosemary is an excellent teacher with very patient energy and a great deal of experience. Wonderful!” L.B.

“Rosemary is a professional guiding spirit who clearly understands energy work and helps guide you through the work.” A.C.

“Today’s experiences were beneficial beyond my expectations. I had no idea this new journey would open up to me what I had buried so deeply I was no longer aware of it. I know this is but a part of my journey. Blessings and much gratitude to you, Rosemary.” E.A.

You’ll Be So Pleased!

You and I can only IMAGINE what The Spirituality of Essential Oils will be worth to you in the long run. As with any course, doing the work – the classes and exercises – help guarantees your success. In fact, I guarantee that if you show up and give 100% of your efforts, attend the classes, do the exercises, and experience all this course has to offer, you’ll begin to break through and develop your intuitive abilities. In fact, if after attending the first in-person class, you don’t agree – if you don’t perceive any benefit at all – I’ll refund your investment for the course.

The SHINE Spiritual Mastery Program

The Spirituality of Essential Oils is just part of the program – one small, yet powerful class. Apply for the entire program and get free training as a Successful Lightworker.

SHINE Spiritual Mastery

Apply for the SHINE Spiritual Mastery Program training for Lightworkers.
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