March 31

When Do You Need Balance?

I thought it was a clever way to express a goal when, years ago, a friend of mine used the words “seek balance” as a part of her email address. Balance. In biological terms, balance can be a good thing – a very good thing! Ecosystems maintain their stability with the balance of nature. Sleep cycles, life cycles, seasonal cycles, water cycles, and all the movement in and around the earth harmonize to create the WHOLE of who we are and how we exist in the world. Even inside our bodies, cells work to create homeostasis – a kind of balance in the body that makes sure all systems function properly. It’s why we maintain a nearly constant temperature, blood consistency and pressure, rate of growth and recovery, and body type – all of which can be measured, analyzed, and compared. Measuring gives us a baseline – a place to start. Analysis and comparison can reveal imbalances.


In emotional terms, balance can also be a good thing. However, my point of view on balance may indeed rock the boat just a bit. I like the idea of imbalance sometimes. The truth is out there now. At this point you may dismiss my musings as a little off-balance! I like to look at it this way. Imbalance helps us grow. It draws attention to itself, increases our awareness, and stimulates our thoughts. We become more active participants in our daily choices when we detect imbalances. Uncomfortable as it may seem, when imbalances throw us a curve we have to respond. Eventually, our responses bring us back into a feeling of balance – at least temporarily.

Recently I finished writing the first installment of new curriculum my daughter and I created. The curriculum itself is an amazing story to be shared at another time and involves an intuitive process about which we’re excited. We encountered the usual difficulties along the way such as printer problems, time crunches, coordinating schedules, waiting for shipment of materials, and all things a business sometimes experiences. We both spent hours editing, meditating, and bringing to life a new body of information. It was fantastically rewarding, exhilarating, and exhausting all at the same time.

After finishing the details with great enthusiasm and success, we taught the Illumination Reiki™ class and follow-up apprentice workshop, pouring our energies into the experiences for our participants. What happened next surprised me. I noticed in the days following our scheduled classes that there was a different energy present. I felt a void – a feeling of deep emptiness and lack. When I sat at my computer, I accomplished light tasks, answered emails, followed-up with clients, and not much more than that. My creative well of endless energy was tapped out. I couldn’t eek out one more intuitive lesson, one more intention, or one more constructive thought. I was totally off-balance.

BEING Off-Balance

As it turns out, I didn’t immediately try to fill the void. Years ago that might have been my first instinct – to correct any imbalance as quickly as possible. Like a new purse waiting to be filled, or an empty space in a room inviting a new object to fill the space, I used to be the one to fill it up, take the space, and avoid the void, so to speak. Instead, I took the time to feel a little off-balance. I let myself experience free time. Even my free time was deliberately not filled with creative crafts, writing, or “vacation”. I didn’t intentionally fill the void with purposeful acts and responsibilities. I chose instead to just BE.

To just BE in a void was an interesting experience. I could suddenly relate to buried feelings that showed up because they could. There was space for them to reveal themselves. I got in touch with loneliness, emptiness, and relaxation. Extra sleep came easily. Vivid dreams manifested brightly. Meditations offered different thoughts to come through for my personal growth and awareness. I became aware of the imbalances in my diet as my body rejected any processed foods, favoring whole foods with minimal ingredients instead.

My off-balance experience awakened a new perspective on balance. While many people quickly try to correct the imbalances they measure, it might actually be a good idea to experience the feeling of imbalance. In doing so, a new sense of awareness about feeling WHOLE may emerge.

7 Tips to Help You Regain Balance

Of course, if there’s a medical reason for serious imbalances, please consult with a medical professional. The tips offered here support your growth and self-awareness to allow your body, mind, and spirit to feel whole, healthy, and healed.

  1. Recognize imbalance as a natural process. Honor the times you feel off-balance and allow yourself to feel the experience. Emotionally, you may feel uncomfortable. Physically, you may also feel uncomfortable. Use how you feel as a guide for healing and re-balancing.
  2. Daily practices, habits, and choices may need adjustment. An imbalance can help you make better choices. Notice the differences when you choose habits and practices that fall into alignment with wholeness and well-being.
  3. Measure, assess, and analyze. You can easily take on a few basic tasks such as measuring body weight, writing a food journal, keeping a dream journal, or keeping track of medications and supplements. Notice changes as you become consciously aware of your statistics.
  4. Make affirmations. Choose what you want, and say it out loud with “I” statements. For example, “I only eat foods that are whole and minimally processed.” Or, “I keep my energy grounded and safe.”
  5. Offer gratitude and be open to learning. Be thankful for the feelings of imbalance because you could experience a new depth of understanding, one that’s different from feeling full and balanced.
  6. Work at balance. As much as I appreciate the lessons of imbalance, I like it when everything comes together for balance. Working at balance means releasing energies that don’t serve you, and recharging with new energy – like the chakra balance exercise.
  7. Know that all events, circumstances, balances, and imbalances are part of the whole process of being. We experience life in cycles. The experience of abundance is balanced with the experience of lack. Pain balances with healing and relief. Joy balances with grief. Fast balances with slow, and so forth.

The imbalances create our journey. Though I’m not always excited about the feelings of imbalance, I know that the way the world cycles will bring more than I ever expected for a fulfilling life.

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