January 4

The Healer’s Journey – Be the Lighthouse

In webinar #6 of the Healer’s Journey, “Be the Lighthouse”, we contemplate the need for us to “fix” others, why we need to step aside from that role, and how to avoid that paradigm.

Are you empathic? Do you express compassion? Are your good intentions to offer healing falling on deaf ears? It can be frustrating sometimes to step into the role of healer. To become an Illuminated Healer, we must let go of the outcome, and institute a personal regimen of self-healing. Learn more in Be the Lighthouse” of our Healer’s Journey Webinar learning series.

Review the stories given in this webinar, and ask yourself how you would view the situation. What other situations, events, or people in your life create the opportunity for being the lighthouse?

How can you be a better lighthouse?


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