November 19

Stepping Up Your Spiritual Mastery

I just finished teaching a weekend-long class with advanced sound healing techniques. It’s called Phase 3, preceded of course by Phases 1 & 2 over the span of about a year or so. As with any training program, there’s integration, practice, and a sense of knowing that develops within you. I love to see – actually witness – this kind of growth in my students, whether we’re doing Reiki, Sound Healing, or any of the workshops in my SHINE™ Spiritual Mastery Program.

In my personal experience with tuning forks, sound has become my teacher, training me to go deeper into the healing process for my clients . . . and for myself! I had to “step up” and really allow these pure tones to show me the way.

For my students this last weekend, I sensed a little trepidation. They called it “performance anxiety” as they took turns practicing the newly acquired techniques to uncover and heal ancestral wounds. Even though they intellectually know that they’re in a safe and loving space, old patterns and beliefs come through – judgement and grades from school days seemed to hinder their natural abilities and movements.

As they expressed themselves, I listened with compassion. But then I told them it was time for them to step up. This message came through in multiple ways this weekend, and many times for myself as well over the last few months.

Stepping Up to Your Spiritual Mastery

What does it mean to “step up”? I see stepping up as a way to claim your brilliance – your personal power and medicine in the world. It means trusting your instincts, loosening up and letting go of fear, judgement (self-judgement especially), and vibrations of personal persecution. You hold all of these vibrations and memories within your energy field within the body and the etheric field around the body. Throughout this life – and likely, other lifetimes – you’ve sealed in the trauma of not being good enough, not worthy (to be loved, to receive money, and even to exist, perhaps).

Stepping up means remembering who you are and how you came to be here now, in this body and this lifetime. It means doing the work, aligning with the vibrations of the training you’ve chosen to integrate. It means taking your work as more than a side-note. It really becomes your life and life style when thoroughly integrated and embodied. That’s Spiritual Mastery . . . confidence, knowing, unattached, filled with wisdom and humility for the vastness of all life has to offer.

Shining Your Light

At my age, one might consider retirement. Ha! How can I retire from life? Spiritual Mastery doesn’t work that way. There’s always more to remember, more to do, more to become, better health, and the most important of all . . . shining your light. You’re here for humanity. You’re here to be a light in the world, raising the vibration of yourself, people you know, and of the planet itself. Spiritual Mastery is that. You signed up to shine! How do you shine when you’re nervous?

Stepping Up Should Scare You

I liken stepping up to jumping off a cliff, metaphorically speaking. It should really scare you to know that you’re about to do something BIG. It should also excite you! These emotions stirring inside you are like the instinctive urges of the caterpillar as it suddenly changes what it’s been doing for its entire life to become something entirely different. However, as a human, you don’t have the bliss of just following your instinct. Your brain gets in the way and interjects self-doubt, hesitation, procrastination, and a myriad of other stalling techniques.

So, I told my students to step up. It’s time to use the techniques they’ve learned – maybe just a little more often. It’s time to create freedom of movement through dance – even as you use the tuning forks! Taking moments as they come to honor the passing of wisdom from our animals, and claiming your place among the Lightworker Teachers who help bring healing and light to the world – all mean that you’re stepping up.

Congratulations, Lightworker!

Call me if you plan to take new steps in the direction of Spiritual Mastery. It’s my passion and mission to support you along the way.


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