Reiki Hand Positions

Reiki hand positions offer guidelines for placement of hands during a Reiki energy healing session. These hand positions are helpful, especially when first beginning to practice Reiki. It is generally recommended that you spend 3 to 5 minutes in each position. However, as your sensitivity to Reiki improves, you may discover that you are guided to start “out-of-order” or spend more time in one area and less time in another. This is perfectly fine! Trust your intuition and you will be guided by Spirit.

All hand placements are gentle, offering a “presence”, not a “pressure”, force, or heaviness. Also, hands should not hover causing a ticklish feeling. If you feel tense about your hand placement, take your hands away, give them a shake, take a breath, and calmly reposition them on the client.

Always practice respect for personal space and private areas. Offer a tissue or cloth to cover the eyes (though this is not necessary, some recipients like it.) Do not lean on the recipient, nor breathe or cough over the person. Instead, turn your head away if you need to do so, or break away for a moment and then continue.

Hands at shoulders to make the connection.

Hands at crown.

Hands over eyes, with palms at third eye.

Hands at temples.

Hands at jawline.

Hands cradle back of head. Be sure to only gentle turn head side-to-side to get hands into position. Do not lift the head nor ask the client to lift the head.

When finished, gently slide hands out from back of head, moving them slowly toward you.

Hands at collarbones, beaming toward throat. Be sure to place hands just outside the collarbone to avoid pressure on the neck.

Hands at upper chest.

Hands at heart. Form T-shape, directing energy to the heart. Respect personal space.

Hands at shoulder and wrist or hands at shoulder and arm. When working on the arm, place hands at shoulder and elbow, shoulder and wrist, or elbow and wrist. If one area needs more time and attention, cup both hands around that part, for example, both hands around the shoulder or both hands around the elbow.

Work on one arm, then walk around and work on the other arm.

Hands at Solar Plexus. Hands may be placed in a line as shown on the far left. Then lift hands and reposition them a few inches lower on the abdomen. As an alternative position, hands may be placed side-by-side.

Hands over hips. Two positions are shown for placement of hands at hips. The option is offered for your comfort. I find that facing the person directly keeps my own back more comfortable, without twisting. You can adjust your height by bending your knees or spreading your feet apart for stability.

Gently place person’s hand out of the way on upper abdomen.

Slide one palm under lower back, centered. Place other hand on solar plexus so that palms face each other. Reiki beams through the body.

Hands at legs. Various positions are shown.

Hands at feet and ankles. Various positions are shown.

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