August 6

Integrative Shamanic Reiki Master Part Two

You’ve been attuned in Usui Reiki Master and had training to help you enter the community as a Lightworker and healer. Your gifts emanate from your hands in the form of warmth and sincere love from the divine.

Yet, as you move through your energy healing practice you realize that there’s more you can do – more for you to manifest – as a Reiki Master teacher.

Create the ripple of healing energy that expands beyond what you do with your own abilities to teach other Lightworkers using the fine art of teaching Reiki.

Reiki Master Teacher Training Part Two

Reiki Master attunement with three separate and wonderful Reiki Master symbols and the Reiki Master manual.
A Deeper understanding of all elements of Reiki.
Learning use of all three Reiki Master symbols in daily life.
Focused use of Reiki Master symbols and techniques for healing.
Refined instruction and experience so that you may give attunements for all levels of Reiki with confidence and competence.
How to offer healing attunements.
Intensive learning, exercises, training, and mentoring over a self-paced span of time (Completion of Reiki Master Training is usually 3-6 months.)
*Note- If your previous Reiki training only went as far as “Reiki 3”, please rest assured that Reiki Master training at my Reiki center includes all 3 Master symbols that bring you to a higher level on your Reiki journey.


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Why We Use Avini Products

Why We Use Avini Products
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