Pineal Gland Spiritual Enlightenment

How to Heal and Activate Your Pineal Gland

What is 5th Dimensional Spiritual Enlightenment and Spiritual Mastery? Find out by healing your pineal gland.

5th Dimensional spiritual enlightenment encompasses increased awareness of self in connection to other, overcoming separateness in favor of wholeness. This, of course, is a concept that may feel hard to grasp because many of us feel disconnected, unworthy, depressed, in pain, dis-eased, and disillusioned. Chemicals in the environment, toxicity, radiation, EMFs, fluoride, drugs, and other physically challenging circumstances interfere with spiritual enlightenment and clear thinking, clear seeing, clear feeling, and clear knowing. These are gifts you naturally possess with a healthy, active pineal gland.

These clears represent that clarity you have when you fully detoxify, heal, and activate your pineal gland to activate your intuition.

Movement to 5th Dimensional Energy

Spiritual Mastery results when you successfully access the powers of your pineal gland to calm the mind and see through the veil of illusion. Spiritual Mastery is a lifestyle as well as a practice the embodies spirituality fully. With ease and grace, or effortless spiritual awareness, you shift into the higher 5th dimensional energy that helps you remember and heal all aspects of your presence – physically, mentally, emotionally – and that of your ancestors and descendants.

The Eye of Horus

Also known as the third eye, or Eye of Horus, the pineal gland is a tiny part in the center of the brain responsible for intuition and connection to Source energy. The pineal gland serves an important role in Spiritual Enlightenment as it connects with higher dimensions perceived in the lower dimension (physical presence on Earth.) In other words, a clean, clear, and activated pineal gland allows a clear connection to your intuition, your ancestors, angels, spiritual guides, and unlimited memory and healing.

Aging doesn’t have to mean that the pineal gland fails to function. However, over time it begins to calcify from the numerous substances and hormones found in foods including soft drinks, processed foods and refined sugars that contribute to this degenerative effect. Drugs, anti-depressants, and fluoride in toothpaste, dental treatments, and the water systems may be causing severe damage to the pineal gland, as well.

Symptoms of a Calcified Pineal Gland

Calcification (or fluoridation) of the pineal gland has many symptoms:

  • You may feel like you’re struggling to connect to your intuition.
  • Are you having trouble making decisions? Do you rely more on facts, or do you trust your gut feeling?
  • You wonder why you’re not sleeping well, and have less energy during the day.
  • You don’t have dreams, or, if you dream, you don’t remember them.
  • You feel fearful, mistrusting, less confident, and even bored or frustrated.
  • You have uneasiness or fear around some people, experiences, and places.
  • You don’t feel grounded and safe.
  • If you’re empathic or intuitive, you feel like you want more, but struggle to get clear and tap in to intuitive gifts.
  • Attraction to nature, crystals, plants, and even oracle cards is common, but you rely so much on wisdom outside yourself, asking others for advice, rather than becoming clear.
  • Headaches, ringing in the ears, neck pain, and heightened sensitivity to chemicals and toxins plague you.
  • You struggle with your imagination, and creative ideas don’t seem to flow as easily as you’d like.
  • In general, you may have symptoms of dis-ease, feel a little off, or feel unwell.
  • Finally, you may also tend to rely heavily on drugs and medication, alcohol, or other substances to help soothe and numb how you feel.

A Healthy Pineal Gland

Imagine if you could intuitively know what action to take in your life, how to effortlessly connect to guides and spirits, dream and meditate with ease, or heal all wounds – for yourself, your ancestors, and your descendants. The pineal gland is the Interface between Spiritual and Material Dimensions. It’s a doorway or gateway to the Divine Source.

The pineal gland’s structure is similar in size and arrangement to a pine cone. Notice the Fibonacci pattern in a snail shell, or view a pinecone from above and you’ll see spirals in nearly perfect patterns, reflecting the Golden mean – a ratio expressed as 1.6. In fact, a cross-sectional view of the pineal gland traces the Egyptian diagram of the Eye of Horus.

Rods and cones found within the eyes can also be found within the pineal gland. With this similar type of physiology, the pineal gland allows you to visualize or imagine scenarios, fantasies, memories, dreams or any other visual constructs. Have you ever heard the expressions, “in the mind’s eye,” or “the third eye” or “the sixth sense?” These phrases are all referring directly to the function of the pineal gland.

A healthy pineal gland is also responsible for secreting two vital brain fluids related to mental health. Those are melatonin which is the hormone that induces sleep and relaxation, and serotonin which stimulates a happy, healthy balanced mental state-of-mind.

Anti-depressant drugs are often prescribed to raise the serotonin levels within the brain chemistry. While psychedelic drugs, shamanic hallucinogens, or even DMT, Dimethyltryptamine, a natural tryptamine found in the brain, often mimic the chemical action of serotonin.

Psychedelic induced journeys, shamanic journeys, and meditations are all accessed and experienced within the realm of a healthy pineal gland. With a healthy, active pineal gland access beyond the veil of illusion becomes effortless – without external stimulation such as drugs.

How to Heal and Activate Your Pineal Gland

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