January 17

Sound Healing with 528

How can you best support the concept of wholeness? Perhaps the answer is found in sound frequency. Science shows that the frequency of 528 Hz resonates with the body’s ability to heal itself, helping to repair DNA. You may also like the idea that 528 Hz is the vibration that brings balance to the heart. This Solfeggio frequency is a key component to helping release negative energies while bringing in new, positive vibrations.

How to use 528

One of the best ways to begin to use the 528 Solfeggio frequency is to tap the fork lightly to a clear quartz crystal. Hold the vibrating tuning fork close to the heart with the intention of release. You might say the affirmation, “I release all that no longer serves me.”Repeat this activity until you begin to feel an energetic release.

Next, hold the intention of positive energies of love while once again tapping the 528 tuning fork lightly on your clear quartz crystal. Hold the fork near the heart. Try saying the affirmation, “I bring in new vibrations for my greatest and highest good.” Repeat as often as you like.

The Beauty of 528

While listening to 528 Hz in this short exercise, you’re not only able to work in the moment. The sound, vibrations, and affirmations stay with you long after the exercise is complete. Close your eyes. Remember the sound. Recall the feelings of release and renewal.

Visible Sound

We’ve seen the effects of sound in our dimension, but we may not think much of it. Can a specific note, perhaps from a trained opera singer, shatter glass? Can soothing music relax tension in your muscles and change your expression? These are examples of the effects of sound on physical things. Using the “right”, harmonious vibrations can manifest well-being in our physical bodies. Have a look at the video at the end of this article.

Your Personal Tuners

When you attend our workshop, Your Aura Has a Body, you’ll be using a Personal Tuner Kit. These kits are available for sale at the time of the workshop, if you choose to take one home with you.


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