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Healing with Zeolite

I don’t share this story often enough. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever written this story before . . . about how a simple mineral changed (saved) my life. I’m sharing it with you now so you can be a shining light for someone you care about – and people you may not even know.

In the Fall of 2005, a family member, my nephew’s wife, Laura, was diagnosed with an aggressive colon cancer. She was in her 30’s with three young children, working as a biology teacher in middle school in New Hampshire. One can wonder why such a young person gets cancer, but ultimately, the fact is that she did, and we were given the news.

At that time, I was “into” natural healing – not yet practicing Reiki, but deeply involved with learning about magnets, pure, living water, quality supplements, and natural health. I was retired from my career as a biology teacher in order to raise my two children and work from home. The opportunity connected me to a group of integrative health professionals across North America. I was grateful for the learning and connection.

Even with all of my science knowledge and background and what I was continuing to learn, I knew that it wasn’t enough for the health challenge Laura faced. I put the word out to my group of health professionals. Among the answers were several good ideas I already knew about. However, one answer surprised me. The man suggested I speak with a particular doctor in Florida (he will remain anonymous here).

I knew this doctor and was going to be facilitating at a conference where he was going to present in the Spring of 2006. He was expecting to speak with me, so that when I approached, his first words were, “Can she give you two weeks before she does anything else?”

A feeling of “shock and awe” fell over me. Can a simple mineral have such a profound effect on the body as to make a difference in two weeks before the conventional medical procedures would be applied. He continued, “I’d like you to call this woman in Nebraska. She’ll help you.” More mystery. More waiting.

It wasn’t easy to reach the woman in Nebraska. She’s a busy business woman. However, when I finally reached her, she spoke with me and my husband about her stage 4 “problem” she had in the Fall of 2005. There were no solutions for her as she faced certain death. In fact, she was writing letters to her children for the times in their lives she wouldn’t be there. Call it divine intervention or two guys looking for a business partner – I don’t know, but believe everything’s connected. She finally listened to them and, as she says, “Bought a case to do her own ‘case study’.”

Within two weeks, lesions on her skin healed as her body eliminated unhealthy tissue. Within thirty days, she felt and looked symptom free. She’s still here today, fifteen years later.

I bought my own case of this miracle – a simple, clean, life-changing mineral – and sent some to my nephew’s wife. By that time, however, she was already in a study for testing a new chemical cocktail. Her doctor didn’t think it would hurt her, but reminded her of the study. She never took the gift. A few years later, after many surgeries and struggles, her cancer returned with a vengeance and she passed away.

When we purchased the product, we didn’t know we’d be needing it in our own family. Read Ginger’s Story.

I knew I was highly toxic. My exposure to heavy metals and many other toxic chemicals might have been above average – details are in my upcoming book. The truth is that we’re all toxic. The mineral “gift” of zeolite came to me at the right time.

About Zeolite

You can read more about zeolite on my website, here. What we saw as evidence in our own family could also be the answer you’re looking for.

Over the years, the manufacturer of the product I was using changed. It became thicker, and more potent in the hands of the new manufacturer. I can’t say what happened within the company, but the developer and creator of the product, Rik Deitsch, left the company. I continued using the original product because it was, in my strongest belief, the best we had. It was definitely better than any other manufactured, powdered, or synthesized zeolite. Yet, it wasn’t our original.

Rik has since re-emerged with his own company. This is why I’m so excited. We have our original formulation back. I see greater possibilities and greater results with a cleaner, finer product. Please join me now in setting your family up for the best health results.

I’m here for you. Let me help you get started.


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