Illuminated Healer Shamanic Sound Healing Retreat

Shamanic Sound Healing Certification Retreat in Sedona

Illuminated Healer Shamanic Sound Healing course and retreat in Sedona, Arizona is an attunement and certification experience which incorporates knowledge and practices that support forms of energy healing on all levels. Imagine self-care in one of the most beautiful places on earth - Sedona, Arizona - where you'll be immersed in healing energies, shamanic wisdom, training, and higher vibrations for ascension. This course is highly recommended for coaches and spiritual lightworkers as a foundation for incredible results that add to your existing practice. Or you may want to experience Illuminated Healer Shamanic Sound Healing Retreat just for your own enlightenment.

Illuminated Healer I & II are part of the Certification Pathway to become a Licensed Spiritual Healer and may be added to any energy healing curriculum as enrichment for Spiritual Mastery. There are no pre-requisites, but some prior training in any energy healing modality is helpful.

  • Activation
  • The Directions
  • Universal Keys and Symbols
  • Embodiment
  • Energetic Protection, Boundaries, and Space Clearing
  • Magic and Miracles Technique and Attunement
  • Ascension Tuning Protocol

Develop your own intuitive abilities and connection to these energies while grounding them in a strong, practical foundation. Grow spiritually to become ready and willing participants in humanity’s transcendence. Work with very high frequencies in order to raise the vibration of ourselves and of the planet as a whole. Activate codes in your physical DNA to awaken the dormant Spirit that lives within our cells and activate our Light Bodies. Our perception of higher vibrations and frequencies becomes Second Nature. This is the path of Effortless Spiritual Awareness.

Suggested materials we use in the course are available for purchase exclusively through Second Nature Healing® and include the Magic and Miracles Integrative Sound Healing kit.

The Illuminated Healer is divinely guided and intuitively channeled by Rosemary Levesque. Born from many years of practicing healing work personally and professionally, Illuminated Healer is designed to enhance fundamental practices, innate wisdom and spiritual growth for anyone wishing to access these energies in a safe and supportive way.

Focus of Illuminated Healer I

The focus for Illuminated Healer I is on Personal Energy. Training includes attunement to shamanic symbols and training with sound healing techniques (Magic & Miracles) and exercises that enhance your connection to the Earth, and to your breath. 

- Incorporates training with the Magic and Miracles tuning fork set.
- Certification on completion of all exercises and training
- Participation in live retreat and demonstration of completion of lessons
- In-person Community Integrative Training and Practicum.
- Demonstration of proficiency and knowledge in all techniques and practices.


Hybrid online and in-person course and RETREAT in Sedona Arizona Includes:

  • 3 nights, 4 days in our retreat home
  • Small group activities and experiences
  • Snacks provided, meals on your own

Additional materials available from Second Nature Healing®:

  • Magic and Miracles tuning fork set $333

This series continues in the Illuminated Healer II with Second Nature Healing®


Focus of Illuminated Healer II

The focus for Illuminated Healer II is on Spiritual connection and intuitive skills. Training includes reading energy of the body with sound, and healing karmic wounds, attunement to Illuminated Healer II symbols, and training in sound healing techniques using The Wounded Healer Technique.

  • Discussion of Chiron and Spirit
  • Activation of Illuminated Healer II Symbols and Attunement
  • The Wounded Healer Technique
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion for Illuminated Healer II Online course study guide.
  • Pre-requisite, Illuminated Healer I certificate.
  • Incorporates the Wounded Healer tuning fork set.
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