February 2

The Healer’s Journal

MY JournalKeeping a journal may seem more like homework than a rewarding activity filled with enlightenment. However, here at Second Nature Healing, we ask that you institute a habit of writing daily – or at least a few times per week in your journal. Why? What are the benefits? Where do you start? The benefits will reveal themselves the more you write. Looking back after a few months of notes will show you that more is happening than you thought!

Here are a few guidelines to help you on your journey of discovery and illumination.

What to write:

  • Record memories of your dreams as you awaken.
  • Jot down coincidences throughout the day. Were you thinking of someone, and then they called you?
  • Did you find a relevant crystal or stone? Meditate with it, and record your feelings and inspirations.
  • Affirmations make great journal entries. Begin your affirmation with “I am . . . “
  • Did you notice something new – something that you weren’t aware of before? Perhaps a new place to visit, a new food or recipe, or a new exercise caught your eye. Pay attention to the “road signs” and write them down in your journal.
  • Did you recently implement a new lesson or tool? What did you notice?
  • Did you take a class? What were your experiences?
  • Are you using visualization as a technique to manifest what you want? How’d it go? make some notes.

When to write:

  • That one is easy. Give yourself opportunities to write when they fit into your day – before you fall asleep, when you wake up, lunch time, etc.
  • Keep an extra, smaller notebook handy so you can add notes as they happen. Add them to your journal later.

Draw, collect, assemble. There are really no rules about using your journal – just opportunities to notice. Create space in your life, and notice your growth as an illuminated healer.

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