November 15

Heart to Heart Diseases That Aren’t Diseases

The Foundation for Healing All Diseases

The search continues for the magic bullet drugs that cure cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, relieve pain, reduce stress and inflammation, and prevent aging and death. These drugs to cure these diseases don’t exist, yet the search continues. While money pours into research for cures, the truth is that humans are getting sicker, earlier, with each generation. It’s heart-breaking, especially if you begin to look at health differently – through the eyes of original intention for health and healing; whole, natural, unprocessed foods, exercise and movement, happiness and joy, laughter, purpose, sleep, water, air, purity, companionship, peace, and love. It all matters. Ignore any of these ingredients in a recipe for Optimal Healing, and you’re missing out on total wellness.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s going on in terms of cellular health – the foundation for healing all diseases.


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