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Recipe for Self CareWhen it comes to family health, nothing is more important than having the right tools and knowing what to do immediately. Family health goes way beyond using first aid in a crisis situation. It means having a lifestyle that sets a strong foundation for staying well and, if need be, healing quickly. That’s why one of my strongest beliefs is that we should have natural healing tools available and know how to use them easily at all times. Here are my favorite energy healing tools you can use to integrate into your lifestyle.


A gentle and efficient use of hands-on healing provides tremendous benefit for daily use. When Reiki is integrated into your daily lifestyle you might clear and ground your energies before you start each day, make sure your home, car, office, and other personal spaces are cleared and protected. Reiki is also a great go-to tool for stress relief, better sleep, more vitality, and even pain relief and faster healing. Integrate positive thoughts and words with Reiki intentions to bless food, sports activities, homework, and travel. There are so many ways to use Reiki!

Essential Oils

I’m not one to reach for over-the-counter medication of any kind. In fact, it’s been many years since I’ve used any prescriptions. I’m really never sick, but if I feel like I might be vulnerable to viruses, I feel great using specific essential oils. They work well in all aspects of my life. I apply myrrh essential oil to my face under makeup, have oregano and eucalyptus handy for the diffuser, and anoint my feet daily with empowering blends that support my immune system. Essential oils are the energetic essence of plants. You’ll love this way of integrating energy healing into your lifestyle.

Crystals and Plants

Bringing earth energies into the home environment offers a short-cut for healing. The crystals I use most often are apophyllite, selenite, and quartz  – especially in the corners of most rooms in my home. Plants abound throughout the house. Both elements bring the outdoors inside. For further enrichment and healing, crystals can also be worn (commonly as jewelry), or placed in strategic places throughout the home – for example, under your bed or on the nightstand with the intention of offering sound sleep.

Meditation and Shamanic Practices

Taking a moment to remember to breathe might be all that’s needed to help establish a meditation practice for stress relief and relaxation. Too often, the brain takes over and you might feel consumed by thoughts. Try inhaling slowly to the count of six, pause, then exhale slowly to the count of six again. As your breath slows, become aware of your heartbeat. Your heart is like the shaman’s drum helping to center your thoughts on emptiness. Your breath overrides a busy brain. Together, they bring you into a deeper connection to Spirit, letting worries and pain slip away.

Sound Healing with Tuning Forks

Using specific sound frequencies in the etheric field (the aura) and directly on the body  with body tuners (weighted tuning forks) may be the best of all natural healing modalities. Vibration through sound brings more oxygen into the cells, increases nitric oxide for relaxation and pain releif, and stimulates the body to function at a higher level of health and well being. Sound resonates with positive emotions and brings about a release of stress and pain.

I use all of these practices daily for natural health and teach all aspects of the modalities I use. Questions? Please contact Rosemary for a free consultation.



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