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Embodied Spirit From Fear to Free

What’s keeping you from vibrant health, abundance, and ultimate healing, even when your situation looks hopeless? Physical health is a manifestation of emotional and spiritual health combined with toxic stress stretching you to your limits. In the Embodied Spirit Program, From Fear to Free, learn how to easily activate your healing system to go beyond limitations of fear and finally feel free to thrive beyond disheartening beliefs. You'll ultimately tap into your life's purpose to heal all aspects of self and spirit.

embodied spirit fear to free

Finding Your Empowered Sweet Spot

Is it really possible to discover how to find your life's purpose and really live your life to the fullest? Yes! I've outlined steps for you in the program, and include access to my ebook, Embodied Spirit.

$499 for Lifetime Access

"Thank you for everything. I really needed this. I had felt lost for a very long time. Today was the first time is a very long time I actually feel a bit grounded....not sure if that makes sense or not. I'm more balanced. A cloud has been lifted. I feel connected. I really don't think I have ever felt that before. I've finally found someone who "gets it". There is soooo much sense of peace that come from just knowing that I'm not going crazy, that what I feel and have felt all of these years are ok and could be embraced and learn to understand rather than hidden and ashamed of....and mostly....I'm not alone. I have waited 50 years to find you, to finally find answers, to receive freedom and acceptance to love myself for me. I look forward to my journey through healing and learning more about who I am and what I can do to possibly help others :0)." Heather B., Sherwood, OR

What Is Embodied Spirit; From Fear to Free?

The Embodied Spirit Program is a complete guide to help you find answers to the big questions. Learning and using the tools provided in the course is required to integrate energies you bring to your life.

The program includes:

  • Self-paced online experiences  and course materials
  • Live group coaching sessions.

$499 for Lifetime Access

Embodied Spirit is not a guarantee that the answers you discover are absolute. Any testimonials or references to insight, results, financial gain, productivity or success are individually provided as a result of dedication, effort, experiences and integration of each participant and not a reflection of what your results may be.

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