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ARE YOU READY for 5th dimensional shamanic tuning?

Coming into growth of spirit, connecting to All That Is, discovering the gifts of nature and the elements, and remembering who you are, define the journey of the modern day shaman. The practices of shamanism and energy healing come together to bring you ancient wisdom integrated with heightened spirituality. The result is a healing practice and way of living that allows us to step lightly on the planet, becoming more consciously aware of the subtleties of spiritual energies emanating from earth and her inhabitants.


Sensitivity in today's world might feel overwhelming. Politics, pollution, unrest, people, and experiences can feel difficult to energetically manage. Yet, you still want to function, prosper, and live abundantly with joy in the world. You want to be MORE of who you already are. Empathy and intuitive abilities are gifts. My unique Windhorse Spirit Shamanic Tuning Series incorporates many tools through which you can learn new skills such as protecting your energy, feeling grounded and safe, and developing a stronger sense of intuitive awareness. My goal for you is to become more confident with healing tools you want to use for self care and in your practice. I call this sensitivity Effortless Spiritual Awareness. Now, with the Windhorse Spirit Shamanic Tuning Series, we'll reinforce the concepts of effortless spiritual awareness with exercises and sound healing tools to enrich your experience and support your advancement toward Spiritual Mastery.



Windhorse is the life force and innate personal power within each of us. It's the breath of life, the connection to All That Is, the awareness that we're all connected, and the way of being that brings a higher vibration to the planet. It's intuitive ability and the knowledge to use it. Through the development of skills that utilize your intuitive awareness and mindfulness, you become more aware of energies around you. You'll become more sensitive to the energy of healing tools, and rely less on written knowledge - other people's perceptions of the energy within all things. I'll show you how to communicate with divine wisdom through your PERSONAL POWER and the use of journeying, pendulums, crystals, essential oils, tuning forks, (and many more tools), meditation, listening, seeing, feeling, and knowing, as messages come through for you. You'll be able to feel more at ease with your connection to your intuition the more you integrate these lessons. Your WINDHORSE will become stronger when you let go of fear, and see (know, feel, hear, etc.) your experiences from a different perspective - one of personal enrichment that's right for you and the world around you.


The Windhorse Spirit Shamanic Tuning Series IS NOT just another fact book that requires you to learn the written meanings of crystals, the tribal or indigenous "way" of practicing shamanism, or any "rules" on what your practice may look like. This unique program is designed to help you grow into your spirituality and to remember who you are NOW, in this world . . . and how to BE in modern society. The modern shaman exists and knows how to live consciously in today's world as a LIGHTWORKER and healer in the community. The fundamental principles that worked for our ancestors translate easily to today's culture - if you know how.


Windhorse Spirit™ is the larger "umbrella" for the SHINE™ Spiritual Mastery Series. Lightworker seekers and practitioners are invited to attend as many SHINE™ classes as they like. However, to attain certification and competency in the Windhorse Spirit Shamanic Tuning Series, other requirements apply. Contact Rosemary or fill in the form below to discuss details on the program for you.


IS THERE CERTIFICATION FOR Windhorse Spirit SHAMANIC Tuning & Training?

Though several of the programs I offer come with certification that you may use toward Continuing Education Units for licensing (Integrative Usui Reiki and Vibrational Sound Healing classes, for example) I strongly believe that no one can offer certification that verifies you are a shaman. However, upon completion of the program you'll receive a certificate of completion for each Series of the Windhorse Spirit™ Program (not a certificate of shamanism).



The Windhorse Spirit Integrative Shamanic Tuning Series currently has no pre-requisites . . . AND I strongly urge all participants to also participate in my other classes as well as receive private coaching and healing sessions. I'm honored that you're feeling ready to move forward with your life, develop your personal power, and enrich your spirituality with shamanic skills, healing, mentoring and coaching.


Curriculum and Products

The Wounded Healer, first in the Windhorse Spirit series focuses on the stories recorded in human ancestry and Akashic records. A customized set of five tuning forks accompany the process of opening to divine wisdom, discovering deeply held wounds, uprooting them at their core, and healing the wounds with compassion. What you'll discover is a release that may be felt immediately and grow more profound over time.

This set will become available for purchase in November, 2019. 


Course plus customized Wounded Healer tuning fork set ~ $497.

Savings available for my current Sound Healing Students.



"The Wounded Healer technique created by Rosemary is nothing short of miraculous. As Rosemary guided me through the technique, I allowed my mind to be open and to let the technique guide me to what needed healing. I was guided to my foot. I've been experiencing foot pain for several years, I'd just learned to live with it. So we worked on healing my foot. Now several weeks later, I still have no foot pain. Thank you Rosemary for creating, teaching and sharing this beautiful healing technique." Briana S., 9/2019


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