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Vital Minerals


Blood, the fluid of Life

Why do doctors always check blood? The information derived from blood-work helps inform your health care provider. It gives them a look inside regarding imbalances, values that are too high or too low, or numbers that could indicate signs of disease of distress. Blood is more than a fluid - it's a life force system of defense, repair, distribution, clean-up, hydration, oxygenation, and so much more. It carries the emotions of the heart, pain of the past, and hope for the future. Therefore, it's of the utmost importance we begin to look at blood differently to provide it with essential - and vital - nutrients for optimal support.


Healthy Blood

Under a microscope, normal red blood cells look more like balls than pancakes - rounder and full of water. In this healthy state of optimal osmotic pressure, red blood cells carry water, oxygen, and nutrients such as minerals easily and effectively throughout the body. Without osmotic pressure, blood cells tend to stick together. In live blood analysis, this might even look like clumping. Cells that are clumped together are compromised. They're not as effective in circulating nutrients, oxygen, and water as well as performing other vital functions. Fortunately, the body responds well to essential, trace minerals taken orally as a spray - Valentus PrevailMax.


Blood Flow Is Everything



PrevailMax is formulated with nano-sized trace minerals, and delivered into your system via 4 sprays 3 times per day. Nearly instantly, these vital minerals are transported into the blood where absorption takes place quickly. The result has been seen and felt, even documented through live blood analysis, as red blood cells seem to re-inflate (appear like normal red blood cells), and flow.


The Benefits of Vital Trace Minerals

Vital trace minerals are needed for every function in the body, from regulating hormones to bone growth and development. Though its difficult to determine with great accuracy exactly how much is needed for proper functioning in the body, we can correctly deduce that most people receive less than needed from dietary sources to fulfill their metabolic needs. Poor soil conditions, poor food choices, as well as poor food quality all have an impact on vital mineral availability in our bodies. We must, then, find ways to supplement - not only with the right minerals, but also in the right form in order for our system to absorb these minerals. PrevailMax from Valentus is the missing link I've searched for, especially with my critical care clients.


Minerals also act as antioxidants, detoxifying agents, and body hormone regulators. Selenium, for example, is a powerful antioxidant. Zinc helps regulate many body functions, including DNA repair and enzyme function, as well as skin repair, digestion, immune support, and wound healing. Iodine is important for proper thyroid function, metabolism, and blood cholesterol. Chromium is essential in helping to regulate blood sugar (important for diabetics). Sodium is vital for muscle and nerve function as well as in helping to maintain proper osmotic pressure in cells (a balance between the inside and outside of cells which maintain homeostasis). Manganese helps the body make sex hormones, connective tissue, bones, and blood clotting factors. Copper is important for the immune system and nerves.


You can see that each trace mineral - elements in tiny quantities - are vital for every body function. Together with water and specific supportive supplements, as part of a nutritious diet, they create the vital force in our bodies to help promote healthy functions of every system in the body.


How to Order PrevailMax

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