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The Healer’s Journey

Years ago, when my kids were in grade school, I had a friend who saw something in me that I didn’t recognize in myself.

She told me I was a healer. That came as a bit of a surprise to me. I truthfully hadn’t thought about it at all, and even wondered what being a healer meant.

I understood my skills as a teacher, having taught many years in public and private schools around the world. My background in science, especially biology, translated easily into knowing about nature in a more intimate way. As a mom, I can’t say I utilized that knowledge for healing. I was stuck in a paradigm of sickness that relied on doctors and medicine to help me and my family recover.

I had forgotten the true nature of “nature”, and that healing was something we could support in a different way from the traditional, modern methods. I had fallen into the trap of doctor visits and medications with side-effects, fear-based decisions that led to unnecessary surgeries and tests, and belief in something outside myself that could come to my rescue if needed.

I was wrong.

Over the years I rediscovered myself, and saw the healer in me emerge. It’s been an interesting journey for me. I’m still growing, evolving, and stepping more thoroughly into the role as healer – for myself, my family, and my community. I care deeply about our planet and feel that the healing work I do is meant to play an integral part in healing Earth and the deep wounding that has occurred here.

Are you a healer?

Perhaps you’re like me, and didn’t recognize the healer in yourself. You might not be aware of the signs. Are you sensitive? Do you have an uncanny relationship with animals? Do your hands tingle? Do people always come to you with their problems? These are a few indicators that you are a healer.

I invite you to see yourself in a new light. Tell me about how you can recognize the signs that indicate you are a healer. What’s YOUR journey? Describe for me what magic YOU bring to the world.

The Healer’s Journey

Your personal story begins the journey of discovering your gifts and healing abilities. Your Shamanic ancestry shows in the suffering and trauma you’ve survived to reach the point of emergence. Now you’re ready to hone your skills and grow into the healer you were meant to be.

You don’t have to do this alone. Historically, healers were seen on the outskirts of community. They were different, feared, and even killed for their skills. Today, we bring honor to the role of healing, for we, as healers, form a new community – a network of energy workers that helps sustain the planet. We bond together for the enlightened Good and tap into healing wisdom of the Universe.

Join Me. Register for the Healer’s Journey, a free webinar that just might change your life.

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