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Natural Flea Treatment for Dogs

When it comes to fleas and other pests, no animal should have to endure the sometimes serious consequences – from itchiness to infection! Yet, there’s a lot you can do to repel fleas and support your animal’s immune system.

First, it’s my belief that a healthy animal with a strong immune system is not likely to be bothered by fleas. Proper diet (raw food, home-made), detoxification, and supplements lead the way for a healthy body for both you and your animals. If you live in an area where’s there’s a high infestation, your animal may be compromised, so having a natural repellent on hand is a good idea. Here are a few basics you can use to create your own recipe.


Certain plants naturally repel insects, so the essential oils from these plants work very well to do the same. However, using cedar wood (like for a cedar chest or closet to repel moths) is a more dilute way in which we use cedar wood. The natural essential oils of plants are highly concentrated, so be sure to follow these two very important guidelines:

  1. Only use pure essential oils. Anything other than pure essential oils can contain artificial ingredients that smell similar but chemically behave very differently in the body. Artificial fragrances can be toxic. Natural 100% pure essential oils used with care are not. The only company that can truly guarantee quality and purity is Young Living.
  2. Small amounts work well. You can easily make a spray of a few drops of essential oils in water. Shake well before using, and spray all over areas likely to be bothered by pests. Alternatively, a drop or two of your chosen oil into the palms of your hands, rubbed together, can be petted directly onto the fur, neck, tail, and legs.
  3. There’s no need to apply oils directly to the skin. Remember, small amounts work well. However, you can apply as frequently as you like.

Choose Your Oils

Any of the following oils work well as repellents. Use one or more in combination to make your own blend. Then follow the guidelines above for application.

  1. Lavender
  2. Rosemary
  3. Tea Tree
  4. Citronella
  5. Cedarwood
  6. Lemongrass (this is a “hot” oil. Be careful near the eyes and dilute this one with a carrier oil such as coconut or olive oil.)

Need More Help?

I can help you customize your own blend, or order the essential oils your pet needs. Just give me a call.

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