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The Basic Principles of Health and Healing

The Basic Principles of Health and HealingIt started as a bump, an agonizingly itchy “bug bite” on my neck that didn’t go away. By the next morning, there were a few more bumps with redness spreading from each epicenter, erupting and spreading across my chest. Shifting into action for bug bite relief, I brought out several essential oils and lotions, aloe vera gel, and pastes that I hoped would provide relief. Some remedies reacted violently with my skin, and burned sensitive tissue. Worse than any sunburn or insect bite I could remember, I sought other possible solutions. I alternated applying wet green tea bags with a paste made from finely ground bentonite clay to experience temporary calming and cooling.

Though my physical body struggled with never-before-experienced symptoms of skin disease, my mind sought spiritual reasons for what felt like more than an inconvenience. The irritating rash continued to spread further down my sternum, then branched out to the sensitive skin under both arms. “How dare it”, I thought. I was more than annoyed, and agonized over the discomfort I felt as I tossed and turned in my sleep. My annoyance came from knowing that, in spite of my knowledge of wellness and human physiology, as well as access to the best holistic wellness supplements, essential oils, oral chelators for heavy metal detox, and intuitive awareness, I had this disease problem. The more I agonized, the itchier and redder it became. My mind continued to focus on the dis-ease, forgetting basic principles of good health.

Disease is a Sign

I’m a healthy person. I didn’t get healthy by mistake, but rather through awareness and action. But something was obviously “off” with my health.  When symptoms of dis-ease arise – in me or in anyone – my first look always includes an assessment of what I call The Big Three You Can’t Ignore. (You can download this free e-book   with subscription to my newsletter.)

  • Stress – Emotional challenges build up and create chemical imbalances in the body, as well as communication difficulties between cells. Chronic stress without relief can result in diseases such as depression, arthritis, eating disorders, and many more manifestations (like skin disease), and even cancer.
  • Toxins – Heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic, aluminum, as well as other toxins like pesticides, flame retardants, synthetic chemicals and pollutants, interfere with every biochemical function in the body. Furthermore, you become a magnet for radiation (all around us) and electromagnetic frequencies due, in part, to heavy metal toxicity.
  • Poor Nutrition – The more processed our foods become, the less nutritional and energetic value they provide. Canned, packaged, and synthesized “foods” are energetically dead, whereas raw, fresh, whole foods provide a life force to our internal life force. Our bodies recognize and assimilate natural foods that harmonize with our biological needs. Eating highly processed foods can become an easy habit, especially if they’re laced with salts and sugars, addictive ingredients that leave us wanting more.

Unchecked, minor disease symptoms can be an indicator of more serious diseases on the way. My goal was not to cure the rash, but rather reach the core issue – the cause of the rash. I saw my skin disease as an opportunity to heal not only my current physical state, but my future self (and perhaps even my soul.)

Had I become complacent with my diet and my personal energy? Was there deeper healing, unexplained by the usual causes, that needed to be addressed? Could my skin disease be the activator – an element of suffering – that I had to face in order to heal something not yet revealed? I sought answers through meditation, Reiki, and Spiritual consultations with my intuitive guides.

The Basic Principles of Health and Healing

The good news is that once I tuned-in to Greater Wisdom, my skin began to clear up – almost overnight. I understood that what I manifested as skin disease was a wake-up call to heal aspects of myself that would have remained hidden, perhaps brewing and spreading to a greater degree than I was currently experiencing.

It’s through compassion and continued learning I offer these basic principles of health and healing as tools for reaching beyond the obvious. My list may touch upon the unusual and extraordinary solutions – ones that may not have occurred to you or have not been utilized before. I encourage you to not over-think them, but rather “feel” them. Try writing in a journal to capture your experiences and dreams.

You get what you ask for. What you want is already on its way to you. This one might be the hardest to accept. How can anyone “ask for” disease? Yet, I believe disease comes partially as an opportunity to heal, grow, and learn.

What you choose to keep stays. What you choose to release goes. Are you holding onto grudges, anger, clutter and confusion, regret, sadness, and blame? It may be time to let them go.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” ~ Albert Einstein. Treating disease with drugs and medication have become the accepted, conventional way to attempt to heal. These modalities don’t address the root cause and may, in fact, lead to more complications and symptoms.

Make choices that fall into alignment with nature. That might mean you spend more time outside, eat organic, unprocessed foods, or start an exercise program. Your body, mind, and spirit will let you know through Joy that you’re in alignment. If you continue to remain out of alignment, you’ll feel the consequences with your health.

Take advantage of True Joy. It’s your guiding compass to overcome suffering. We were gifted with the ability to feel Joy, to recognize our connection to Spirit. When we move away from Joy, and from recognizing Joy in our lives, we move away from wholeness – a beautiful way to experience health and well being.

 A Little Help

Even healers sometimes need healing. I’m an advocate of self-care. I like to get a massage, acupuncture, or Reiki session whenever I can. In between times, I use essential oils, go to Yoga class, meditate, and choose nutritious foods to eat. In addition, I learned that the deodorant I was using irritated and burned my skin, so I blended a few essential oils with almond oil that works fine, without irritation. Also, I discovered that certain foods high in sugar made the rash worse. Finally, getting back onto the elliptical machine, or using a chi machine feels rejuvenating.

If you could use a little help, let’s talk. I can help put together a protocol for you that addresses your healing on all levels. Schedule an appointment package of three Integrative Reiki Healing sessions, and stick with a plan that supports you on your healing journey.

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