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TelomerEs and Youthful Aging


Support your telomeres with the highest quality, most affordable telomere support ever available.


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Our lifestyle and our environment create a tremendous load of free radicals that damage our cells and DNA.


Our bodies do not “wear out.”

Rather, aging is likely due to a mix of free radical damage and genetic programming that drives a “clock” inside every living cell of our bodies.


This aging clock is telomere shortening.

When a cell’s telomeres get too short, its DNA becomes unstable (fraying), chromosome mutations occur, and the cell is unable to divide.


How are telomeres and aging linked?

Telomeres are the protective region of DNA at the end of each of our chromosomes.

  • At birth, we have 10,000 telomere bases.
  • At the time of death our telomere bases have reduced to only 5,000.


Telomere shortening leads to diminished health and the full- blown acceleration of symptoms of aging. Our cells lack the ability to replicate the telomere tips of our chromosomes, which get shorter and shorter every time our cells divide.


What is telomerase?DNA

Telomerase is an enzyme that helps rebuild the ends of chromosomes (the telomeres), thus protecting valuable DNA in the chromosomes. Specific nutrients within plants (not the entire plant, but only certain phyto-nutrients) can help stave off the effects of aging, stimulating the production of telomerase.


You can't eat telomerase as a supplement, but you can eat the specific phyto-nutrients that help the body make its own telomerase.


Why try IsaGenesis

Product B?

1. Protects and supports telomeres
2. Stimulates body’s natural antioxidant enzyme defense system
3. Safeguards from free radicals and resulting oxidative stress
4. Provides youthful aging catalysts (phyto-nutrients)
5. Maintains integrity and function of cellular activity
6. Formulated around Dr Andrews’ and John Anderson’s groundbreaking
research that identified more than 15 natural compounds shown to support telomere health
7. Promotes general feeling of youthfulness and vigor
8. Proprietary, scientifically advanced formula based on years of research


How could you feel with IsaGenesis Product B?

  • Increased energy
  • Youthful vitality
  • Overall improved wellness
  • Individual results will vary.


Give IsaGenesis Product B a try for a few months to help reverse the effects of your aging. Continued use can yield even better results.*


Why use IsaGenesis Product B for at least a few months?

Skin cells divide every seven days, but it takes other organs much longer to replace cells. You will want to experience the full benefit of time to help regenerate new cells.

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