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Pre-Launch for Embodied Spirit Online Course

Embodied Spirit Pre-launch is accepting only 15 students for its initial enrollment – at a huge savings. Learn more about the Pre-launch, and join while there’s still space for you.

Here’s the story:

Early this year, in 2018, I added the Spiritual Mastery online class as an extension of the Healer’s Journey online webinar series. It became apparent to me that people loved it, yet the element of time became involved as an interesting factor. Spirit let me know that I could do better, that I could reach more people and inspire people to go beyond their current level of BE-ing.

Even though I loved the thought of creating something bigger, I didn’t know HOW I was going to do that. So, in the way in which I was guided, I rewrote a page on my website to reflect my intentions. You may have seen the Enrichment page called Harness Your Windhorse. It’s intended to hold the energy of creating a deeply honored ability of developing your intuition. (more on that in a bit).

Along the way, something MAGICAL happened. As I created the space for something special, I knew it would finally arise in the form of online classes. This solves the element of TIME for me and for everyone else, without compromising on quality. Here’s what happened.

I began writing my online course for Harness Your Windhorse, but clients and students kept coming to me with bigger questions:

Who am I?
Why am I here?
What’s my Soul’s Purpose?
How can I manifest everything I want?

Do these questions feel familiar to you?

As a result, I wrote an e-book that I’m giving to you FREE, as an introduction to WHAT’S POSSIBLE FOR YOU. Just click the link for Embodied Spirit for the free ebook.

The result of YOUR INQUIRIES and YOUR PRIORITIES made sense to me. I had to postpone writing Harness Your Windhorse to write the Embodied Spirit™ online curriculum.

What this means for you:

I’m announcing the Pre-Launch phase of Embodied Spirit™.

I’m accepting ONLY 15 people into the new curriculum for Embodied Spirit™. 

This is an exclusive offer, available only to the first 15 people who apply and register. After that, registration will be closed, and the extremely discounted offer will be unavailable.
Once registration opens again in a few months, there will be no discounted offer and the course will be available at full price. For more details, please see the Pre-Launch details.

I’d love to speak with you about your journey. Just give me a call or contact me here.

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