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Crystals for Chiron

Last year I knew I’d be working with Big Stuff – the kind of Spiritual Energies we all get to work with as Lightworkers. In fact, new information constantly comes through in dreams, meditations, coincidences, and as new awareness of the way in which transformation happens. Through various starts and stops I became keenly aware of Chiron, who’s also known as The Wounded Healer. The correlation between the wounds of humanity and the ability to heal them (ALL) surpasses ordinary thought to encompass religious, mythological, spiritual, and astrological beliefs.

In this exciting process of creating new protocols with sound healing – Shamanic Tuning – focusing on the nature of Chiron, I was intrigued by the crystals that wanted to be a part of the process – smoky quartz. Not everyone likes smokies – though I’m not sure why. I love them for their incredible spiritual wisdom and insight. The first time I meditated with a very large smoky quartz point several years ago, I was instantly brought inside of it. In my mind’s eye I could see through the veil of illusion, appearing as wisps of smoke. Next, the sound of a comforting voice said, “I am a spiritual being in physical form.” Simple. Profound. Connecting.

What Are the Qualities of Smoky Quartz?

Smoky quartz crystals are often associated with grounding and protection. If used as a crystal for healing on the body, many people like it for supporting the root chakra. However, that’s not how smoky quartz usually wants to work with me. Often, I find that only the darkest smokies – like ones I have from Montana, support the grounding and protecting qualities I sometimes want. Instead, nearly all of the smoky quartz I have want to work with the energy of the veil of illusion, which is where Chiron first became an influence in my selection of crystals.

Natural smokies range in color from light beige to deep, rich, almost  black-brown. They are colored this way, not because of mineral inclusions, but rather by exposure to natural radioactive minerals in the earth such as uranium. (Don’t worry, the quartz pieces are not radioactive. More on this later.) Unnaturally colored smoky quartz is also popular on the market. These clear quartz clusters are exposed to x-rays to make them discolor to black – a process I find distasteful as well as unnatural. I cry for them for the radiation they’ve had to endure purely for market appeal.

Selecting Smokies for the Task

The sound healing protocol I’ve developed for The Wounded Healer utilizes several distinct tuning forks to discover (uncover) old wounds, both karmic and ancestral, uproot the wound at its deepest core, heal the wound, and bridge the gaps of time and space to bring healing into physical form. There’s more to it than that, of course, and smoky quartz plays a part in the process.

I contacted a friend, Tanya, whom I knew would likely have crystals for Chiron. The process of selecting these smoky quartz points became difficult when she presented me with more than 30 palm-sized (or larger) crystals, mostly from Brazil, two from the Mohave desert area, and a flight of smaller points from Montana and California. They were arranged neatly, equidistant from one another, lined up for my inspection, like soldiers preparing for battle. Impressed, I momentarily appreciated the view, feeling their raw energy beginning to pulse and connect with my presence.

They varied in size, color, and density. I focused first on the ten-or-so smaller pieces I wanted for the tuning fork kits I assembled. A few seemed too fragile to be used in my protocol. Several wanted to stay and work with me in other ways. I shifted my focus to the multitude of larger points, choosing each one as it called to me. I only needed fifteen for my initial assembly of sound healing kits (for the SoulTreat in Sedona, November 2019 where I was scheduled to present my workshop). Yet, as the selected crystals gathered one-by-one to my right, the remaining few held steady, waiting to be chosen. Tanya commented that it seemed like they were being chosen for teams, and who would be the last one to be chosen by me. Interesting.

In a flash, I remembered my youthful, non-athletic self. I was indeed often the last one chosen to play since my skills were more academic than sports-driven. The assembly of chosen crystals came through with a deep feeling of compassion, both for me and humankind. I could feel their soft energy wash over me. Scanning the remaining few smoky quartz pieces waiting to be chosen, I selected a piece that let me know it’d be “the last one”. This point was smaller than most of the other Brazilian points, and broken on the back. I held it tentatively and respectfully in my hands. It was in that moment I noticed a purple glow coming from the “front”, smooth face. Though Tanya noted that some crystals contain lithium which give it a purplish color, this crystal offered more than that. It was the last, AND it was the first. To me, it represented the Christ-consciousness of healing and compassion, of remembering that we are also embodied spirit, worthy of acceptance, being valued and loved, and perfect regardless of external appearances.

Hidden powers are often subtle – not obvious to the casual observer. We all have hidden powers, yet far too often we focus on the imperfections and the wounds we carry. We feel powerless, helpless, confused, less than “good” and maybe not even “good enough” to be chosen, admired, and powerful.

Meeting the Chosen Ones – Smoky Quartz

Several smoky quartz have already identified their role in completion of The Wounded Healer sound healing kits. These kits will become available for the first time at SoulTreat during my workshop on healing Akashic and Karmic wounds. (If you decide to attend SoulTreat, tell them I sent you. Any referral fee I receive I give back to you.)

Only fifteen sets are ready at this time. Future kits will accompany the Windhorse Spirit Shamanic Tuning classes. You can meet the smoky quartz I met at Tanya’s place – I chose them ALL. The first mini course in the SHINE program called Crystal Magic starts soon, December 15. Check the calendar for details.

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