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Illuminated Vibration for 5th Dimensional transformation and Healing


With our Sound Healing Tools we specialize in 5th Dimensional Energy Techniques utilizing custom created energy tuners and body tuners based on an ancient set of frequencies called the Solfeggio.  We have Continuing Education Training that can be used toward certification in Vibrational Sound or as CE Hours.


FREE Intuitive 15 minute Consultation when you purchase Sound healing tools through me

Your journey is unique, and your experience with sound healing tools benefits most from having personal guidance. Choose your energy healing tools, then call me to place your order. Your purchase through a direct request to me includes a free 15 minute intuitive reading. Learn how sound healing can work with you when you have the best quality tools available - right in your own hands.

All purchases are customized for your needs. Contact Rosemary - just fill in the form.


Personal Healing - The Awakening Kit

The Personal Tuner Kit includes 3 tuning forks and a starter guide that can be used for yourself, clients, or family members. Use for Stress Relief, Clearing Space, Working with Angels or Guides, Energizing Water Based Foods and Meditation. The Personal Tuner kit includes:

  • OM tuner (with a longer stem)
  • MI fork - 528 HZ in soft green color
  • Crystal Tuner - for clearing and accelerating (includes a quartz point crystal and a pouch)
  • SOLFA cd with musical tones for chakras 8-12
  • User guide

$149 (plus shipping) Includes FREE Intuitive Consultation

OM Tuners

Deepen your Meditation practice. Use OM Tuners for GROUNDING, RELAXATION and STRESS RELIEF. OM tuners are technically Body Tuners. They're weighted (see the round knobs on the end of each tyne. The weights send a soothing vibration back into the stem of the fork. Sound the fork and listen to the deep resonant tone of Mother Earth. Then place the stem (longer on our tuners than you might find elsewhere) on a potent point, or acupressure point. You can feel the vibration on tight muscles, stiff joints, and trigger points. Try the OM tuner on sinus areas (congestion?), temples (headaches?), ears (tinitis?), and the bottoms of your feet for a whole-body tension release.
You can use all our all-purpose Om Tuners to help Family and Friends stay grounded and centered in this time of anxiety and uncertainty.
The OM tuner is easy to use: Just Activate ~ Listen ~ Place and then take it with you!
Begin your journey to a more relaxed you… Get Your OM Tuners TODAY!

One OM Tuner $50 (plus shipping) 

Two OM Tuners $87 (plus shipping)

Includes FREE Intuitive Consultation


Crystal Tuners

With a frequency tuned to the pulsation of the Earth, the Crystal Tuner amplifies the healing power of crystals through sonic vibration. Enhancing a crystal's ability for light conduction and powerful sound healing, when tapped on a crystal, this tuning fork forms a bridge between Heaven and Earth. When you lightly hold the Crystal and Crystal Tuning Fork, a pulsating wave moving between the tuning fork and crystal may be felt.


  • Experience powerful sound healing
  • Enhance a crystal's ability for light conduction
  • Form a bridge between Heaven and Earth


The Crystal Tuner is tuned to a frequency of 4096 cycles per second (cps). This frequency is generated from an 8cps fundamental tone raised nine octaves (i.e. 8 cps, 32 cps, 64 cps, 128 cps, 256 cps, 512 cps, 1024 cps, 2048 cps, 4096 cps.) The 8 cps fundamental resonates with the pulsation of the Earth. The ninth octave of the upper overtone series begins with 4096 cps and is said to open the doorway to angelic kingdoms. Alexander Scriaben, the Russian composer, believed that this octave united Heaven and Earth and would bring forth a new era. His last composition Mysterium was to be played in India using bells hung from clouds sounding ninth octave harmonics.


There are many possibilities for the Crystal Tuning Fork. Let your creativity and healing ability be your guide.

Crystal Tuner (with pouch) $30 plus shipping

Includes FREE Intuitive Consultation




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 Tuning forks may also be purchased directly from my supplier. Speak with Tim and tell him Rosemary sent you.


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