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Call Today:  (503) 515-4615
Call Today:  (503) 515-4615
Take Back Your Power to Heal

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Feel Reiki healing energy, vibrational sound energy, crystal energy, and aromatherapy as well as healing wisdom from your spiritual guides.


Feel your chakras come into fullness and alignment. Erase and undo unseen energies that no longer serve you. Shine your inner light.


Transform the body, mind, and soul toward wholeness. Your healing could bring you physical relief of severe and troubling symptoms. You could clear the way to become more than you thought possible, releasing trauma and fear in order to access spiritual healing wisdom.

Bring Your Gifts to the World The new series of Mini-Courses are uniquely designed to enhance your intuitive abilities, practice shamanic teachings, and hone your skills as a Lightworker. You’ll enjoy an integration of small group in-person classes and online learning – a perfect combination! The Wounded Healer Workshop Held On January 26, 2020 The... read more
Learn More Phone: (503) 747-3307
Learn More Phone: (503) 747-3307
AWAKEN AND ENHANCE YOUR NATURAL HEALING ABILITIES. Empower yourself with self-healing, hands-on healing and distant Reiki healing techniques, integrated with Shamanic healing tools and ancient wisdom. REIKI ATTUNEMENT THROUGH COMPREHENSIVE AND INTEGRATIVE REIKI CLASSES OPENS YOU TO THE FLOW OF SPIRITUAL ENERGY HEALING Experience the gentle integration of Reiki Healing Symbols. Join our Portland Reiki... read more
Learn More Phone: (503) 747-3307
(503) 747-3307
(503) 515-4615
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