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SPIRITUAL mentoring


You are a spiritual being, embodying divine light and wisdom.

You deeply desire to develop your intuition and connect more fully to your inner power.

You're ready to embrace your life's purpose.

Awaken now and claim the highest expression of your joy and love.


Welcome to the Healer's Journey

Are you trying to move forward with your life? Do you want to let go of limiting beliefs, old patterns, doubt, and fear? Are you starting a business, but don't really want the hype that comes with some types of business coaching? Then my Spiritual Mentorship program may be for you. Your experiences and your personal journey are unique. As a spiritual being, you know you share your gifts with the world. As an integral part of your journey, you recognize that self-healing, training, and mentoring will ease your way and support you. Helping you to dig deep in order to reach new heights is part of the process.


Our Reiki classes and Sensory Intuition Apprentice Program are designed with you in mind, to help develop your awareness, sensitivity, skills, and knowledge. Developing a valuable practice and growing spiritually - both personally and professionally - are so important that I've developed a Spiritual Growth and Mentoring Program to complement your current skills, awareness, and practice.


Each private mentoring session is customized to fit your needs. We'll start with a free consultation to coordinate a plan and a schedule. Then, we'll proceed with a program that is just for you. Sessions are one hour each, over the phone or skype. Each private session is recorded so that you may listen to personal coaching and healing again at any time.


Commit to your Healer's Journey

As a Spiritual Apprentice on your Healer's Journey, you'll work with Rosemary in 3-month intervals, experiencing either two or three sessions per month.



  • Personal Spiritual Healing

  • Coaching 

  • Skills and Practices unique for you

  • Continued support



2 Sessions: $297 ($840 when paid in full for three months)

3 Sessions: $429 ($1200 when paid in full for three months)

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