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Reiki Master Teacher Training




You are called by your Sacred Contract

to fulfill your destiny as a Lightworker and Teacher.

You deeply desire to express yourself in the highest vibration.

As you develop your intuitive skills and healing practice, you feel ready for more. 

Step into your practice more fully as a competent and confident Reiki Master Teacher.


Welcome to Reiki Master Teacher Training


You've been attuned in Usui Reiki and had training to help you enter the community as a Lightworker and healer. Your gifts emanate from your hands in the form of warmth and sincere love from the divine. Yet, as you move through your energy healing practice you realize that there's more you can do - more for you to manifest - as a teacher. 

Create the ripple of healing energy that expands beyond what you do with your own abilities to teach other Lightworkers using the fine art of teaching Reiki.


Components of The Reiki Master Teacher Training Program

For many years, I've offered classes, training, healing, and coaching for individual clients and students. I'm excited now to bring everything together for LIGHTWORKERS who are committed to Spiritual Growth and Mastery. Click the links below to learn more. Some links take you to other pages on my website that offer more details. ALL THREE COMPONENTS are INCLUDED in the program.



How is Reiki Master Teacher Training different from Reiki Master class?

Becoming attuned to Reiki Master is an important step on your journey. As you begin to integrate new energies and become familiar with 3 new Reiki symbols, you learn what all Reiki Masters learn - more about Reiki symbols and how to do attunements. At this point, some people might feel complete. However, I see Reiki Master as a new beginning for going deeper with your practice. Not everyone wants to teach classes as a Reiki Master, but for those who do, you may feel untrained, unsure about the curriculum, and like a novice when it comes to saying the words, leading the exercises, and well, teaching!


My Reiki Master Teacher Training Program gives you opportunities to participate in my Reiki I&II Integrative classes. You'll see how it's done, and we'll practice all components of teaching Reiki classes. In fact, as a part of your training, you'll be able to offer attunements right along side me and teach portions of the class as part of your internship. Furthermore, you'll have access to printable materials - my personally written manuals - to use in your own classes. If I update my manuals, you'll receive the updated versions.


In addition, my Reiki Master Teacher Training and Spiritual Mastery Internship Program goes even deeper. We'll work one-on-one and as a group of interns for Spiritual Growth, further developing your skills and personal connection to Spirit.


Where to start

  • become certified in my Reiki I & II integrative classes
  • continue lateral growth by expanding your skills and talents with sound healing classes and my online Spiritual Mastery classes.
  • develop your skills, then after about 6-9 months, call me about the Reiki Master program


Commit to your Healer's Journey - Become a Spiritual Intern

As a Spiritual Intern on your Healer's Journey, you'll work with Rosemary for nine months. Upon completion of the program you'll receive a certificate for Reiki Master Teacher and membership to my personal training files. 


I'm now accepting applications for the Reiki Master Teacher Training and Spiritual Mentoring Program. (see the form below) I can't wait to hear from you!

Many Blessings,



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