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Emergency Care for Pets

Emergency Care for Pets - Your Natural First Aid Kit

Are you ready for the moment when your dog steps on a bee or disturbs a yellow jacket nest? The sting takes just a second, but anaphylactic shock is real - especially for our vulnerable pets. What do you do to quickly cool down a dog severely affected by heat? If there's a reaction to vaccinations, foods, or environmental toxins, do you really have what you need on hand immediately to help your animal get through it? Let's talk about emergency care for pets with natural solutions you can easily use. You can make your own natural first aid kit.

Why Have an Emergency Plan for Pets?

I remember my daughter telling me about a man she came across while hiking with her dog. It was a wooded trail near a creek, and the time was during COVID. The man held his dog in his arms, not knowing what to do as his small dog breathed with difficulty and showed signs of an allergic reaction.

Veterinary offices were closed, or it was nearly impossible to get in to see a vet in an emergency. Unfortunately, his dog died. From that comes brainstorming on what's needed in an easy to carry emergency kit for pets (and people).

You don't have to be a vet to know these things. You're also not likely to have what you need because it won't be in your usual first aid kit. Modern medicine offers drugs and treatments that can often cause harm, especially to our smaller friends. With a natural first response emergency care plan for pets, you're more likely to have immediate results for huge issues - like poisoning, allergic reactions, pain, bleeding, and over-heating. The good news is these first response emergency steps are also great for longer term use and chronic situations. As always, however, see a vet when you can for follow up as needed.

Watch the recording, then continue reading for more tips. I've interviewed former veterinary nurse, Elita Flores. To order products mentioned on this site, request a consultation, or go directly to order here.

Here are some tips to help get you started with natural emergency care for pets. For product information or a personal consultation, contact me directly, or visit

Toxicity of Any Kind

For stings and insect bites:

  • Use Cell Defender both internally and topically. Remove a stinger, if you see it, by sliding it out with a credit card or butter knife. Don't use tweezers which can force more toxins into the sting. Apply 2 to 3 drops Cell Defender topically. Repeat several times to ensure quick deactivation of toxins. Give 5 to 10 drops Cell Defender orally every 15 minutes.
  • Follow up with Plus Relief gel or spray topically. If you can't find the stinger, apply a small amount of Plus Relief gel to the pad of each foot for fast adsorption.
  • Give 3 sprays Plus Relief oral spray once.

Dogs are more likely to get stung on their faces as they stick their noses where the bees are. Check the face, neck, ears, and shoulders for stingers and/or swelling. Apply Plus Relief topically at the site of the sting. Give 3 sprays of Plus Relief oral spray orally. Plus Relief oral spray contains only a few milligrams of xylitol per dose, so there's not enough xylitol to be harmful to your dog. (Toxicity of xylitol in dogs can occur at 2000 mg/44 pound dog, for example).

For snake bites

Be aggressive in detoxifying with Cell Defender, orally and topically, applying 5 to 10 drops orally every few minutes, and topically as well while you're on your way to the vet.

For reactions to chemicals in the environment

Toxins accumulate over time, which can cause chronic health issues. Acute exposure to toxins like fertilizers and pesticides must be acted upon quickly. Give Cell Defender immediately and frequently - 5 drops every hour isn't too much.

For reactions to vaccinations

Unfortunately, I see this very often. The heavy metals used as preservatives in vaccinations often cause serious injury - at first perhaps just a slight fever. However, as the immune system is over-challenged and heavy metals do their damage, you might see symptoms of toxicity such as dementia, pain, lethargy, and even the growth of abnormal cells at the vaccination site. For cats, this could mean amputation of that limb where frequent vaccinations have been administered.

First, avoid over-vaccination or unnecessary vaccinations. Always give Cell Defender daily, AND give Cell Defender in small frequent doses before and after vaccinations for weeks! These poisons are insidious. 

What About Pet Pain?

Modern pain medicine for dogs and cats are a similar version of human pain relief with the same issues and side effects - disorientation, disconnection from their normal feeling, dependency, excessive thirst and hunger, liver damage, and a hopeless feeling of never being able to heal.

Let's turn that around by thinking differently about pain and inflammation. Our homeopathic Plus Relief works amazingly to reduce pain and inflammation. You in fact need less over time. Addiction is impossible. Side effects are non-existent. Healing happens - not numbness. Start with a minimum effective dose, then reduce until not needed anymore. Continue to use as needed for chronic pain for our aging animals. This is completely safe for dogs and cats.


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