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Illumination Healing™


Our Unique Shamanic energy enrichment program for advanced energy healing certification


Your Journey Awaits You

Coming into growth of spirit, connecting to All That Is, tapping into the gifts of nature and the elements, and remembering who you are, define the journey of the modern day Shaman - an ENLIGHTENED HEALER. The practices of Shamanism, Reiki, and energy healing come together to bring you ancient wisdom integrated with heightened spirituality. The result is a healing practice and way of living that allows us to step lightly on the planet, becoming more aware of the subtleties of spiritual energies emanating from earth and her inhabitants, as well as our connection to Source and God Consciousness.


As an illumination Healing™ Practitioner you'll learn from two Masters

Rosemary Levesque and her daughter, Michelle Hawk, bring you years of experience and practice in a culmination of

Illumination Healing™ as a recipe for healing, living, learning, and teaching others.




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Activation Ceremony - $66

Class Deposit - $100

Illumination Healing

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The Illumination Healing™ & Training Program

We've taken our Shamanic Reiki Apprentice program and Integrative Enrichment Reiki Classes to a new level. In fact, both of these tracks of instruction are part of the total Illumination Healing™ Enrichment Classes . . . and more. Your journey includes private and small group instruction, spiritual retreats and experiences, program materials, and exclusive mentoring.



No Pre-requisites 

Getting started is easy

  1. You may easily integrate the Illumination Healing™ Program into your training. If you're already trained and certifiied in Usui/Tibetan Reiki your experience may be enhanced. 
  2. Purchase a Series of Classes at one time, starting with Illumination Healing™ Series I. Register here for Illumination Healing™


Illumination Healing™ & Training classes continue to build on the fundamentals learned in energy classes such as traditional Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki® class.


Each step of the way, you become more confident, more immersed, and more experienced in the natural energy practices used for centuries by healers, as well as new energies and symbols coming to light channeled through Divine Guides.


We offer complete training and certification for Illumination Healing™ I, II, III, and Master. Illumination Healing™ advanced classes provide you with additional symbols brought to you like never before ~ through movement, art, sound, and embodiment.


The Program Curriculum

If you choose to participate in our Illumination Healing™ Program, you would register for each series of classes as listed below, in that order. Each Illumination Healing™ class in the series builds on the previous classes.


Illumination Healing™ Classes - Series I: Illuminated Self

         NO Pre-requisite for Illumination Healing™ Series I

This set of 6 classes (in a 3-day program) focuses on Personal Energy - knowing who you are and where you are in the world. You receive activation to Illumination Healing™ I and training with exercises that enhance your connection to the earth, and to your breath. A few of the topics covered are:


  • Activation to four new and wonderful Illuminated Healer™ Symbols
  • The Directions
  • Universal Keys and Symbols
  • Embodied Meditations
  • Breath, Harmony, and Rhythm
  • Energetic Protection, Boundaries, and Space Clearing
  • Claiming Your Medicine
  • Sacred Ceremony
  • Certification in Illumination Healing™ I
  • and much more!


Payment plan available 

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Illumination Healing™ & Training Classes Series II: Illuminated Spirit

         Pre-requisite Illumination Healing™ Series I

This set of 6 classes (in a 3-day program) focuses on Spiritual Connection - building a relationship to Spirit Guides, Power Animals, and Shamanic Tools. You receive activation to Illumination Healing™ II and training with exercises that build your psychic abilities, and enhance your healing modalities. A few of the topics covered are:


  • Dream Language
  • Metaphors and Symbolism
  • Active Meditation
  • Journeying
  • Mandalas
  • Shape Shifting
  • Sound Healing
  • and much more!


Illumination Healing™ & Training Classes Series III and Master

          Pre-requisite Illumination Healing™ Series II

This set of 6 classes focuses on community as well as healing at the deepest level, using techniques, practices, and knowledge for the advanced practitioner. You receive activation to Illumination Healing™ III and training with exercises that build confidence as an enlightened healer. Topics include:


  • Working with Archetypes
  • Akashic Records
  • Elements of Darkness and Light
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Divination
  • Advanced Journeying
  • and much more!


More information is coming soon. Questions? I'd be happy to speak with you about your Healing journey.

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Illumination Healing


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