Retreat Sedona Ascension

Retreat to Ascend in Sedona Arizona


Ascension isn't just an idea or concept. It's REAL. What would it be like for you to finally release old patterns to create new ones in alignment to the highest expression of who you are? Imagine coming into balance in physical form so that you can really FEEL what it's like to manifest the most amazing feeling of LIGHT and LOVE. Retreat to ascend in Sedona Arizona.

Experience the FULL MOON celebration and comprehensive sound healing workshop and retreat for ASCENSION and ultimate healing. You don't have to relive or remember your trauma in order to feel the vibrations of ascension.

Accept Ascension Healing  facilitated by gifts of nature - sound healing, crystals, essences, and guides who've traveled the path of healing. Healing Retreat in Sedona is all about transformation, ascension, and illumination. You'll love our easy approach to raise your vibration, release, and balance BEYOND the personal, physical level.

Receive Higher Vibrations of Ascension
  • Undo – Release - Remember who you are
  • Quantum Healing
  • Transformation Through Sound and Integrative Modalities
  • Sound Healing Protocols with Unique Custom Tuning Forks
  • Energy Healing Methods and Technique Tips
  • Tools you can use on yourself, for yourself, as well as others
  • Bonus – Reiki Attunement and Integration


  • Four Nights at our Sedona retreat, meals included
  • Full Moon Ceremony
  • Comprehensive, joyful experiences at our retreat location (with Tee-Pee) in Sedona
  • Working with TWO Master Teachers and Licensed Spiritual Healers, Lori Lane' and Rosemary Levesque
  • Certificate for the Workshop

This Retreat is for you if: 

  • You're seeking newer, higher vibrations for ASCENSION
  • You love the Magic of the FULL MOON and higher Solfeggio frequencies
  • You love the idea of easily raising your vibration
  • You're open to natural healing that goes higher into the source of who you are
  • You also want to feel lighter and bring your light to the world
  • You're ready to transcend and transform your life in an easier way
  • You want certification for our Unique Sound Healing Protocol

Join us for a small group, intimate setting in one of the most spiritual places in the world, Sedona Arizona.

Receive transformative experiences through sound, scent, energy, crystals, and intuition. Finally clear, release, and balance your energies in order to live as your true, vibrant life. Uncover hidden messages held in your soul. Reprogram in the soul and etheric fields to manifest new energies for immediate relief and for lifetimes to come.

Join Us Thursday through Sunday, February 2-5, 2022

PRICE $3300, minus your $100 deposit

Space is Limited! This is a small group workshop retreat and initiation into higher realms.

Pre-register in the form below. We'll send an invoice of $100 for your non-refundable deposit upon confirmation of your space in the retreat.

Payment in Full is required by December 5, 2022 in order to order your custom forks and reserve our space.

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