Free Meditation for Healing

The idea of meditation sometimes puts you off because you find it difficult to let go of thoughts, worries, and the pain of remembering. I’ve practiced meditation for years and discovered that the best meditations come through feeling connected to nature and to my physical body. I first noticed the effects of meditation by accident when I participated in yoga practices. Beautiful colors of purple and green swam and blended together behind my closed eyes. It was a feeling I’ll never forget – embodied light.

As my gift to you, I’m sharing a beautiful meditation I give to my Reiki students called Embodied Light. If you’d like to learn more about Reiki, receive more meditation guidance, or just connect with me, please fill in the form below. I’ll send you the free download, Embodied Light Meditation, and we can connect again later.

Learn More About the Energy of Reiki

Reiki provides a direct connection to the Universal grid of energy. Reiki practitioners refer to this grid as “life force” energy. In other words, a Reiki attunement plugs you in to the energy, allowing you access to unlimited love in the Universe, and a connection to Source (God, Spirit, or any other name you choose for expressing the Infinite.) This, of course, is an over-simplification of what really happens during a Reiki attunement. Learn more about Reiki here.

Free Meditation for Healing

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