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Deep Healing Journey


When you realize that there's more to life than just living day-to-day . . . 

When you can't figure out how to make things work on your own . . . 

When you feel ready to take the next step . . . 


Live the Highest Expression of Your Soul

Your Journey Awaits You


My customized Deep Healing Journey is designed to work with you and your intentions on the deepest level - your Soul. Over the course of three months we'll work together (two or three times per month, depending on your preference). Together, we'll usher in new energies, helping you release old trauma and patterns, and then shift toward your highest vibration. Our work is co-created, so you'll always feel safe and supported.


"Rosemary is a powerful healer. Her space is gorgeous, and her work is exactly what I needed right now." S.R. Portland, OR


"When we started I felt overwhelmed and stressed, yet excited to start my new journey. By the time we were finished I felt Balanced, Cleansed, and Refreshed! . . . a very positive experience. I feel blessed." M.C., Beaverton, OR


"Thank you so much for all of your work with me. You are truly gifted." C.B., Tualatin, OR


We draw upon many tools for Your Journey

Receive healing gifts from a combination of my many modalities, guided by Spirit: Reiki (Usui/Tibetan, Karuna® and Illumination Healing™), Shamanic healing, Solfeggio tuning frequencies, intuitive counseling, crystal healing, essential oil therapy, psychic messages, Channeling guides and ancestors, Akashic and Karmic clearing, crystalline structure and DNA repair, Soul Retrieval, sound and cellular healing, Chakra and system balance, embodiment techniques, guided meditation and more!


  • Audio recordings of each session to listen to anytime
  • Follow-up phone consultation after each session
  • Tools to continue the integration
  • Plenty of support from me
  • Special gifts from me that support your Deep Healing


Choose how many sessions you'd like to schedule per month to pace your Deep Healing Journey (two or three sessions) over the course of three months. To schedule your first appointment, fill in the form, and choose the number of sessions per month you'd like to have. I'll call you to set up your appointment. Don't worry. If you'd like to continue working on your journey, you can always renew for another three months. Allow yourself time to heal and integrate.

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