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Call Today:  (503) 515-4615
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The new series of Mini-Courses are uniquely designed to enhance your intuitive abilities, practice shamanic teachings, and hone your skills as a Lightworker. You’ll enjoy an integration of small group in-person classes and online learning – a perfect combination!

the Wounded Healer Shamanic Tuning Protocol

The Wounded Healer Workshop

Held On January 26, 2020

The Wounded Healer, first in the Windhorse Spirit series, focuses on the stories recorded in human ancestry and Akashic records. A customized set of five tuning forks accompany the process of opening to divine wisdom, discovering deeply held wounds, uprooting them at their core, and healing the wounds with compassion. REGISTER FOR THE WOUNDED HEALER WORKSHOP

The Spirituality of Essential Oils

Held On February 23, 2020


These Mini-Courses are part of the WINDHORSE SPIRIT Shamanic Tuning Practices and Intuition Building Program.

Like so many other Reiki practitioners (healers, or Lightworkers) just starting out, I wanted to develop my skills and grow a practice. I especially admired my own Reiki Master and other healers in our community who had taken their skills to another level by developing their intuitive abilities. This was the one skill in which I felt a huge gap for the kind of healing practice I wanted to have. I knew that developing intuitive skills (becoming psychic) was at the root of bigger issues – like confidence, trust, worthiness, and life’s purpose. Suppressing my intuitive abilities led to self-doubt, confusion on what to do, how much to charge, what to say, and ultimately, how to grow my business in such a manner that I was really able to help people overcome their own challenges.

I started having remarkable results when I persisted in my practice and tuned out of the inner noise going on in my brain. At first, this was difficult since, in my background as a biology teacher, I relied on science, explanations, methods, and thinking for most of my life. I’d suppressed what I knew instinctively as a child – that we’re guided by spirit in all ways and that we only need to connect to receive this universal wisdom. Progress for me came in the form of reconnecting to nature, crystals, animals, and plants. I incorporated body movements such as yoga, Tai Chi, and Pilates which helped me to stay grounded and step away from my “thinking” brain. At first, I began to see images, almost like bits of stories playing out metaphorical messages. The images came as flashes, so quickly that I doubted their significance. Yet, I knew I was on the right track.

Receiving and trusting messages from spirit gradually became easier. In fact, healing sessions now are more like readings for healing that go deeper into soul work, healing the past, and restructuring physical, emotional and spiritual energies for an optimal outcome. I feel as though I’ve developed a signature practice that grows on a strong foundation of shamanic practices and intuitive wisdom.

Maybe you’ve tried to have a more expansive intuitive practice, but:

  • You feel blocked, ungrounded, or that there’s too much going on in your head
  • You don’t trust the subtle, intuitive messages you receive
  • You’re too worried about making a mistake or feeling judged

What’s more, you even doubt your self-worth on being able to express your psychic abilities and have a productive practice. Ultimately this shows up in every aspect of your life from doubting your abilities to not charging what your time is worth. Your self-image suffers, you struggle to pay your bills, and you never reach your highest expression of your soul’s purpose.

But now I want to show you the exact steps I used to develop my psychic abilities and my shamanic practice – without having to struggle like I did.

What would it be like to develop a signature healing practice, one that’s intuitive and amplifies your craft – the wisdom, skills, and techniques you already know how to do? It’s like the kitten practicing to roar, or the fledgling eagle getting ready to soar.

You feel like you’re on the cusp of something great . . . and you ARE!

You’re About to Rediscover, Remember, and Rebuild Your Psychic Abilities


Enter into a world of magic, transformation, and the Fifth Dimension.


  • A HIGHER VIBRATION for health, prosperity, truth, and enlightenment by tapping into Divine Wisdom.
  • FREE of Insecurities, Limitations, Doubts, and Fears.
  • SKILLS to develop your intuitive abilities and step into the flow of Life Force Energy.
  • MASTERY in the Art of Healing, stepping out of the way of ego and into the HEART of Healing Wisdom.
  • CONFIDENCE in your abilities, and an ability to TEACH, LEAD, and DO MORE in the world.
  • VALUE for yourself, your skills, and your abilities to connect to ALL THAT IS.
  • COURAGE to take each step along the way. You’re not alone on this journey, for there are many others who also want a greater vision and purpose for HUMANITY.
  • MONEY as a flow of energy, without the STUCK feelings of unworthiness, can’t-affordedness, and struggle often embodied by Lightworkers.

You deserve to be enriched for your Intuitive Gifts, your Investment in your training, your Compassion, Caring, Teaching, and Healing Wisdom.



The new series of Mini-Courses are uniquely designed to enhance your intuitive abilities. You’ll enjoy an integration of small group in-person classes and online learning – a perfect combination!

Part of the WINDHORSE SPIRIT Shamanic Tuning Practices and Intuition Building Program.

Go Deeper With Your Inner Work In A FUN, CREATIVE Way!!!

It took me years of practice and learning new skills that I could seamlessly fold into my Reiki practice to enrich what I offer to my clients. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on my own education, including a degree in Secondary Education and Biology, courses to develop business skills, additional healing techniques, books, tools and products, certifications, and licensing. Most of these expenses didn’t even come close to addressing my biggest challenge which was how to tap into my intuitive abilities and “become psychic”.

As I grew in my practice I became more aware of my hidden psychic abilities and my natural shamanic way of being that were suppressed throughout my life. Typical school programs don’t teach children how to be intuitive, but rather to develop rational thinking skills. Both skill sets are needed, of course, but with the emphasis on “thinking” rather than “feeling” and “knowing”, great wisdom, potential to succeed, and unlimited joy and abundance may be lost or forgotten.

Some people – especially Lightworkers and Empaths – make their way through life struggling with feeling different, overwhelmed or stressed as their intuitive abilities attempt to resurface. These feelings often develop into physical and even deeper emotional symptoms, career crises, depression, fatigue, and a multitude of serious dis-eases.

As a former biology teacher, I had first-hand knowledge of how the system works. Fortunately, my interest in science and art, nature, plants, animals, and crystals supported me. I never really let go of the Shamanic Wisdom I innately held in my Soul Essence.

My challenge, then, became a mission to find a way for everyone to “remember” their innate intuitive abilities. In classes and workshops as well as in healing sessions, crystals, essential oils, guides and ancient wisdom make their way into our time together. I know that using these amazing ancient healing tools and guides make remembering easier.

In fact, there’s a Spiritual Language we can all tap into. Like me, you can become more fluent in this Spiritual Language.

Second Nature Healing programs focus on integration, confidence, and competence for Lightworkers.

Contact me right away if you’re interested in joining these advanced mini-courses.

Space is limited, and prices are greatly reduced while SHINE is being introduced.

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