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Finding Hope and Ease in a Health Crisis

Priorities for healing matter. That’s just common sense . . . or is it?

It’s not funny, but perhaps interesting is a more appropriate observation, that when a health crisis comes into the family, priorities suddenly change. What did the doctor say? What are your choices? Do you HAVE any choices?

I’d like to think that everyone has the healing tools I sometimes take for granted.

The truth is that the priority for me is always health and healing. It’s my main vibration – Optimism, Feeling Good, Happiness, Flexibility, Forgiveness, Respect, Ritual, . . . you get the idea. This way of being came through daily practice, learning, and remembering more about who I am in this world.

Healing tools are sometimes thought of natural alternatives. I like to think of them as first choices. Blending essential oils with morning and evening rituals set the tone for the day (or night). Choosing supplements for detox (zeolite) that support a clean, healthy immune system, or eating foods that provide joy AND fuel eliminate thinking about how to get out of trouble if a crisis hits.

I also use sound healing vibrations (tuning forks in solfeggio frequencies) AND I sing and laugh – quite a bit! I love the energy of healing (polychromatic) lights and appreciate their magical healing powers when I need them.

My daily Reiki practice (spiritual energy healing) has become so routine that I often find myself doing Reiki as I sleep. It’s truly second nature! Crystals carefully chosen for their vibration accompany me in my dreams, holding sentinel on my bedside table as well as in grids throughout the house.

When in need of clarity or inspiration, I call upon Angels, animal guides, and spirit guides of the highest vibration to enter my dreams, or be selected from a prophetic deck of oracle cards.

Nobody plans to become sick. However, everyone should plan to be well.

Wellness isn’t an accident. It’s a natural consequence of a healthy lifestyle. The good news is that if you find yourself (your dog, or another family member) in a health crisis, there is hope, ease and grace for healing.

Dealing with cancer?



The Optimal Health Wellness Plan

I’ve put together a short list to help you get started. For now, you can use it as a checklist or as a guide to learn more. The good news is that you can get started right away.

I’m also putting together a self-directed course for Optimal Health where you can tap into a wealth of resources and practices, and make a plan for wellness.

Get Started with Wellness

1. DETOXIFY and Purify

This one is always first on my list because almost no one knows how heavy metals affect the body, and almost no one even thinks about how they can benefit from an effective detoxification protocol. Fortunately, I have a favorite that’s easy to use . You can do it yourself.

Optimal healing requires purification – emotional, physical, and spiritual. It’s about letting go (of stuff), freeing yourself (from trauma and burdens), and feeling connected to a clear, clean energy source. That’s simplified, of course . . . which is why I have a download for you that gives more details about purification for optimal health.


Conscious breathing, calmly and with purpose, can do wonders to alleviate stress while bringing more healing oxygen into the cells. Healthy cells thrive on oxygen and you can actually get more benefits from active breathing than if you ignore this life power.

Combine deliberate breathing with meditation and movement and you tap into a magic formula for healing!


We’ve built such comfy indoors, why bother to go out? Well, a plant doesn’t thrive in darkness, and neither do you. Artificial lights, electricity, indoor air, low or no negative ions to refresh you, and a deliberate disconnection to the earth deplete you of energy needed for healing, peaceful sleep, and restorative stamina.


Processed foods high in sugars, fats and artificial ingredients are low on energy and do more harm than good. Many processed foods have an addicting effect that keep you wanting more, forcing you to ignore the good stuff . . . like a full complement of plant and animal nutrients. Fiber, antioxidants, amino acids, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, greens, and real foods across the board provide simple energy for nourishing a depleted system.


The best skill to learn is one of ALIGNMENT. It’s a practice that helps you make better choices toward wellness and healing . . . so much so, that it requires less THINKING and more DOING.

Alignment means you are a vibrational match to what you want. For example, if you want to heal you probably will align more with peaceful thoughts than with anger and fighting.

Take my Optimal Health Wellness Course.

You can register now and get notified when the course opens. There’s no payment needed to register. You can decide at any time to join.

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