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Our Reiki calendar makes it easier than ever for you to sync with our schedule. Join us for Reiki classes, Healer's Journey Free Webinars, Vibrational Sound Classes, Sensory Intuition Apprentice workshops, and events. Never miss another opportunity to connect, heal, grow, and enjoy fifth dimensional experiences.  


Healer's Journey Master Class - Monthly LIVE Online event for my Inner Circle

Dial-in Number:(515) 604-9300
Access Code:823487 PIN



Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master - May 6, completion class, 9:30 - 2


Usui Reiki Classes I & II Combination Class - 2 Days, May 19 & 20, 9:30-5 both days, 12 CEUs


Healer's Journey Master Class - May 7, LIVE Online at 7 p.m. Pacific



Sound Healing Phase II, EVT and Body Tuners - June 9 & 10, 12 CEUs


Usui Reiki Classes I & II Combination Class - 2 Days, June 30 & July 1, 9:30-5 both days, 12 CEUs



Introduction to Sound Healing - ***SOMA SOUND SERIES***, July 14 & 15


Sound Healing Phase I, Energy Vitality Technique with Solfeggio tuning forks - July 28 & 29, 12 CEUs


Coming in September - Reiki Master Teacher Training and Spiritual intern nine month program

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Coming in November 2018 - Sound Healing Phase 3, Karmic and Ancestral Healing, 12 CEUs


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