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Seeking a Cure or Real Healing

Why People Don’t Heal

Cure. It’s a little word with a big punch. It means that symptoms of disease disappear or become alleviated. A cure for cancer means that cancer goes away, right? Not really. A cure for any viral disease, auto-immune disease, or chronic disease just means that symptoms no longer feel threatening. Life goes on and people feel better for having survived the scare. However, curing cancer or any other disease may just mean a temporary reprieve. Unless real healing is the main goal, then disease may recur – often with a vengeance. So, are you seeking a cure or would you rather heal? What’s the difference, and why does this difference matter?

Real Healing

To be free from injury, to become whole again, to become sound or healthy again are all phrases associated with healing. Yet, they fail to tell you how that happens, or what’s really necessary for healing to occur. Does one become sound or free from illness when cancer is “cured” through chemical treatments? Is there freedom from injury after a broken bone is set or the wound closes? Do medications that alleviate symptoms and help you “manage” fit into the category of healing? I only ask these questions because they’re relevant to a truer version of wholeness – a goal sought by an aging population where cancer and heart disease are the top two diseases in the country. The “fix me” approach to heath isn’t really healing, but rather a management of symptoms. More importantly, it’s a giving up of personal power, and the under-estimated impact trauma, emotions, and energy have on one’s ability to truly heal. These are the real reasons why many people don’t fully heal.

On the Outside

Cuts and scrapes close up. Wounds grow new skin. The body is amazing in its ability to regenerate cells, almost to the exact replication of genetic material. However, in the process of creating new cells, important factors become overlooked to the unaware observer. The most important factors underlying the body’s ability to effectively heal include emotions and beliefs.

Personal Power

Imagine that you have a vessel of energy. Visualize your vessel filled to the brim with glowing goodness. The vessel continuously fills from an endless fountain directly above it, so that as energy is used, it’s always replenished. Note the characteristics of the vessel. It’s beautiful, solid, and adorned with colors and all sorts of attractive features. In its most perfect state, the vessel and its energy contents are not only representative of personal power, but also who you are as a perfect, whole, healthy spiritual being. Perfect form, perfect energy, and endless fulfillment of personal energy and power define spiritual wholeness, health, prosperity, and joy. Dipping into the fountain is easy, because it’s always being refilled from its source. But that’s not the whole story.

Let’s say your vessel is lovely as you imagined, but somewhat fragile. In fact, there are cracks and broken pieces where the energy seems to be leaking. How could damage to your vessel have happened, and could it be repaired? Damage to the vessel – the physical form – seems inevitable. It’s the result of emotional strain, avoidance, stress, lack, trauma, and injury that weighs heavily on the soul. Burying these events deep in the mind may offer a temporary fix (thanks to the brain and ego, always trying to protect you). Ultimately, damage manifests as dis-ease. If you’re sensitive to your energy and acknowledge the stressors which cause disease, you may take the opportunity to deal with them as they arise. However, more often than not, emotional stress, toxicity, and dis-empowerment accumulate, draining your vessel of life force.

Emotions and Beliefs as Factors for Healing

Try these exercises as they simply illustrate the impact of emotions and beliefs on the body. Have paper and pen handy.

First, take your time to really imagine the following emotions, then write your name after you physically feel them:

  • peace or bliss
  • anger or frustration
  • joy
  • grief

You may notice a difference in the quality of your signature, the size of the letters, and the thickness of the strokes. Your writing is the physical expression of the emotions you’re feeling. Relate this exercise to how your cells might repair damage, injury or disease. Uplifting and positive emotions create a flow that allows for more perfect expression of your healthy cells, while lower vibratory emotions create confusion, tension, and imperfection as cells replicate. Your emotions and your beliefs become your biology to express either health and healing, or the opposite – degradation, disease, and aging.

For the second exercise, look in the mirror and observe your facial expressions. Notice the shape of your eyes and mouth. Notice the wrinkles on your forehead, around your eyes, and near your mouth. Say each of the following beliefs out loud as if you’re an actor in a role, trying to express the true nature of each statement. Fill in the blank with a personal reason for that belief.

  • I am so happy because _____
  • I am afraid because _____
  • I love to _____
  • I am most at peace when _____

Did you notice a difference in your facial features or body language with each belief? What and how you believe manifests physically as health or dis-ease. Therefore, it’s important to notice how your beliefs affect you and make conscious changes toward ease and grace for true healing.

Choosing to Heal

Emotions and beliefs deeply embed themselves in every cell of the body – not just in the brain. Every emotion creates an imprint or a “memory” for the cells to use as templates. How healthy would you like your cells to be? Here’s where you can actively change your biology – how your cells form – to truly heal at the deepest level. This is Spiritual Energy Healing – a shift in vibratory frequencies to facilitate healing at the deepest level.

About Rosemary, Reiki Master, Shaman

Rosemary Levesque, D.D.Owner and founder of Second Nature Healing, Rosemary helps set the standard for Spiritual Growth for Lightworkers and offers in-person and online courses for Lightworkers on their journey. Throughout the years of working with energy, animal guides, nature, and healing, Spirit manifests itself Within to remind us of the foundational practices of our ancestors. Today, Rosemary brings to life ancient wisdom for the modern world. She incorporates Shamanic practices in her intuitive Reiki classes and healing sessions as well as her life’s work to remind us how to BE in the world, to heal old wounds in our Akashic records, and access the power within All That Is.

Connect with Rosemary and ask for a free consultation.

How to Basics for Self Care

People who schedule a healing session with me often feel like they’re refreshed and revitalized. I know it will last a while, because we intend for that – sealing in the new energies and allowing for integration over time. Since all sessions are recorded, my clients get to listen and experience their appointments again, reliving the sound healing and beautiful vibrations of peace and rejuvenation.
But what about the time between appointments? How do you know when it’s time to reschedule? I liken this between time to hair growth. If you wait too long between haircuts, you’ll know because your hair will be too long, unmanageable, or not look good, right? The same may be true for energy healing. Waiting too long between appointments can mean feeling depleted, overwhelmed, unclear, or uncomfortable.

That’s why I’ve developed a self-care list for you to use – until we can schedule your next appointment.

Self Care Healing Maintenance

1. Get “it” all out. Get rid of “it”. Such a broad command, but with huge benefits. What comes to mind when you’re wondering what “it” is? Is it stuff in the house you should throw away, donate, or recycle? Is it words you need to say? Crying? Shouting? Is it a habit or a relationship? Is it toxins – either in your diet or stored within cells in the body? Only you know for sure. The beauty is that once you get started with the clearing process, you find more ways of letting go. This is one of my top recommendations for self care. Get “it” ALL out. It’s a great way to open the possibilities for any step that comes next.

2. Get OUTSIDE. I can’t emphasize this one enough. Even if getting outside means facing the elements, bundle up. All that fresh air is asking you to breathe deeply. The ground beckons you to take a stroll and reconnect with the sites and sounds of nature. Feel the sun – or the rain – on your face. Smell the scents of freshness not readily available inside. While you’re outside, DISCONNECT from the electronic world and tap into the natural world. Pretend that cell phones don’t exist and you have nothing calling you away from your most important priority of remembering that you are a part of nature – and nature is a part of you.

3. HONOR yourself, your presence, your body, and your space. Fill everything with only wholeness and beauty – beautiful food, beautiful things, music, plants, scents, words, images, etc. When you honor yourself, you become a priority – one that deserves attention and care. Furthermore, you honor the divine (God) in you. Caring for and honoring yourself maximizes your presence, your health, and your strength for all that is yet to come.

4. Get Help when you need it. It’s okay to say you’re ready to receive help. The above list gets you through the between times. Healing appointments fortify you with new energies and stimulate growth. Healing appointments facilitate clearing, grounding, transformation, and repair on a deeper level.

Are you ready to schedule your next healing appointment with me? I’d love to see you. Just fill in the form below and we’ll get started.


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The Illuminated Path

As Healers on the Healer’s Journey you recognize growth in daily practice, utilize skills and tools, and raise your awareness to become more “illuminated”.  What is the Illuminated Path of becoming a qualified, experienced healer? How can you build your skills to achieve effortless spiritual awareness?

Healer’s Journey Lessons for the Soul

You’re already seeing signs that you’re a healer. You have a sense of your gifts, talents, and abilities. Our life journey provides many opportunities to learn and grow. What are the lessons our souls learn? Learn how to take full advantage of these lessons for the soul.

Watch The Healer’s Journey Webinar 8 – Lessons for the Soul

Human Evolution Toward Enlightenment

Enlightenment conjures images of glowing from within, a sense of knowing and seeing “beyond the veil”, and feeling that “Ah-ha” moment, well, every moment! However enlightenment is part of the Healer’s Journey – a path we all walk as we grow spiritually on the free-will planet we call Earth.

In this beautiful artwork by Adrian Salamandre, we can visualize Human Evolution as a journey through time. From the beginning of human existence there have always been choices. Yet, ancestral experiences on the arduous path along the serpent come through as war, toil, pain, and suffering. Humans evolution_by_adriansalamandre-d2bodktchose the hard way. We have proven we’re tough – that we can endure – but at great cost. Conflict, suffering, war, and pain can stick energetically to our souls – the wispy part of our vibration that is part of God.

Learning, healing, progressing, and becoming enlightened serve us on our journey and serve the ultimate gift of becoming more than with what we started. We have chosen to grow, to evolve, to help, and to lead. We’re “getting there”!

We’re at an interesting point now in human spiritual evolution. We can choose to transcend suffering, pain, war, and even our personal limitations. Limitations turn out to be choices, after all. Suffering, pain, conflict, and disease are all choices. Enlightenment is also a choice.

How do we shift our journey from the difficult, long path of human evolution to the speedy one of becoming an enlightened being? The path requires skills, knowledge, commitment, and practice. Tools of working with guides and masters, the spiritual beings in physical form who have supported us through the ages are right here. They always have been here! We see them as crystals, plants (and essential oils), animals, and the elements of water, fire, earth, and wind. We know them intimately in our meditations and in our dreams. We speak their energies through our words, and act their blessings through our practices as healers.

The Healer’s Journey involves awareness, practice, persistence, and compassion. By becoming more, we provide the light for others to follow – it’s their choice, after all. Prepare to become more luminous. Learn self-healing techniques. Use energy tools. Join us for Reiki classes at our healing center. We’re excited to be with you on your journey.


The Root of Healing

Have you thought about the root of healing? Just as dis-ease has a root cause, so does healing have a root – one that penetrates deeply into earth energy, stimulating the core vibration of healing.

Long ago, before medical doctors and modern medicine, synthetic drugs, and the “sickness” industry, there was a natural way to be well. This natural way connected us to our mother – Mother Earth – in such a way that relied more on an understanding of vibrations, rhythms, cycles, and harmony. People ate what was in season, harvested or grown without chemicals. They also offered daily gratitude and blessings for their abundance, paying attention to ways to replenish what was taken from the earth to ensure a return of abundance. IT ALL MATTERS. Whether we’re talking about health and healing, or a way to live with a smaller footprint on the planet, we can embrace the ideas known as Shamanism.

What is Shamanism?

Old texts and tradition in the study of Shamanism focus on an initiation of suffering. The path of suffering is very personal. Whether physical, emotional, or spiritual, suffering may lead people  further into the depths of despair and disease – arthritis, heart disease, pain, skin rashes, autoimmune diseases, and even cancer may come about as a result of suffering. Those who choose to work through their suffering may discover the root of healing – an opportunity to change their perspective, or overcome their pain.

Universal Shamanism is a practice that can easily become incorporated into any lifestyle. It’s not a religion, and doesn’t conflict with religious beliefs. I like to think of it as a return to nature, and to the root of healing. Shamanism includes a relationship with nature, an awareness of subtleties in the physical body, a connection to Spirit, and a willingness to let go.

The Root of Healing

When dis-ease appears in our lives, we may tend to focus all our thoughts and energies on “fixing” the problem. You might say it’s a cultural phenomenon promoted through the development and strong influences of the pharmaceutical industry. An ointment, drug, surgical removal, or invasive treatment seems to be what’s on the list for dealing with sickness. However, true healing – the root of healing – comes from deep within the core of one’s self. It feels grounding, and choices to become well, and to thrive with vitality, are not based on fear, but rather on feeling empowered and in alignment with nature.

Our Shamanic Apprentice program helps deepen one’s awareness of self – becoming more present in one’s physical body. In fact, the first series of workshops is completely focused on Personal Energy.

Learn more about Shamanism and join us for our Shamanic Apprentice program. We include practices and exercises to improve your relationship with yourself, with nature, and with Spirit. The first series culminates in a community gathering around the Autumnal Equinox. Register for the entire series so you’ll be included in the journey.

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Balanced or Aligned – How Do You See Yourself?

balanced energyChoosing your words carefully does make a difference. Often, I hear people say they feel out of balance. Perhaps they notice that they feel physically “off”, emotionally drained, or energetically “incomplete” in some way. They want to feel balanced.

Balance can feel different to each individual. Balanced financial health, balanced emotional health, balanced life in work and in play – they all can be perceived as something you strive to achieve. The truth is that being out of balance can actually be a good thing. Not only that, but how you align your energies can help you feel more complete, or whole.

How do you see yourself?

Are you trying to make everything fall into place, pushing and pulling against the flow of energy to make things “right” or balanced? Are you feeling a financial pinch at the same time you’re saying that you have no money? Are you hoping to feel healthier, but avoiding the commitment to invest in yourself, make positive changes, and stay the course? If so, then what you may be seeking is not balance, but rather alignment.

Alignment is having a common understanding, purpose or goal. It may be hard to see at first, but visualize yourself at your best. Feel what it feels like to be joyful, at peace, healthy, or vibrant. Know that you have plenty of money flowing just as you need it, without the stress of financial worry. The closer you get to aligning yourself with these positive energies, the more whole you become.

How can feeling out of balance be a good thing?

Feeling out of balance may help you become more aware of areas in your life that require your attention in some way. If sleep eludes you, and you feel tired during the day, you may want to focus more on ways to relax, avoid stimulating foods or activities before bed, or make notes to ease your worried mind. (see my recent blog article, Three Secrets to Sound Sleep)

Here are a few tips to help you not only see the difference between balance and alignment, but also help you visualize yourself in the most positive way – as a whole being, deserving of All That Is.

  1. Evaluate what you really want. Balance may not be the answer. Nobody wants the extremes (ultimate happiness all the time or sleep for 12 hours, for example). But balance can also be boring. We want a little excitement, motivation, inspiration, etc. So, it’s up to you to decide what you really want – and be clear about it.
  2. Look for opportunities, people, events, and hints from the Universe. Be aware that your desires are on their way to you, but it’s up to you to know what they are when they present themselves to you. A new connection may say something that leads you to investigate a new opportunity.
  3. Be open to positive people. Be around people who inspire you and support you in a positive way. Those naysayers have no place in your alignment to your true purpose, goals, and desires.
  4. Make better choices. Once you step closer into alignment with what you want, your choices become easier. Do you want to lose weight? Your choices for nutritious food will suddenly become natural once you align with that vision of yourself. Do you want more money? Spending money will suddenly become more purposeful and less fearful. There will be no fear of loss, lack, or poverty once you align with having cash flow through you.
  5. You are perfect, whole, and wonderful. Get used to it. Once you come into alignment with who you truly are, your choices and outcomes will prove you to be correct.

Spiritual energy healing can help you sift through the fog to see your intentions and desires more clearly. You’ll feel the difference when you come into alignment with your soul purpose. Contact Rosemary now for a consultation and to set your appointment.