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Spiritual Mastery and Healing

What Does Making Jam Have To Do With Spiritual Mastery?

20190808_154651_2At first glance, you might think there’s little correlation. Yet, as a Master Teacher and Licensed Spiritual Teacher, I know my healing craft very well – and am always learning BECAUSE I’m ALWAYS DO-ing. However, today I had one of those ah-ha moments – a revelation I had to tell you about right away . . . and it starts with jam.

It’s August and here in Portland, Oregon, ripe fruit just drips off the branches, casting sweet aromas into the air that say, “Come pick me.” It all started with the plums. The tree on my walk with Gracie offered deep purple, un-split, firm goodness among the splattered over-ripe fruit on the ground. The extra bag in my pocket easily carried six or so juicy fruits which I promptly cleaned and cut at home. It wasn’t enough for a batch of jam, so on the following day, my husband and I picked blackberries from vines growing wild on a quiet road. Jam is my “jam”. I like to prepare and blend various fruits for new and delicious flavors, but it’s been a few years – four years to be precise – since I’ve last made jam. I know this because I have a few small jars left from the last time in 2015, and I’ve deliberately cut back on eating sugar as much as I used to – like in jam or ice cream. But I couldn’t resist the fruit and the memories of a time-honored process I enjoyed when my mother made jam, or when I concocted new flavor blends in the kitchen with my kids.

I Felt Like a Beginner

It was like starting over. Almost everything seemed to go wrong. I had the right equipment, but the wrong timing. The jam was completely boiled long before the jars were sterilized. When I filled the jars, I forgot the funnel to keep the edges of the jars clean. Hot jam spilled onto the cloths covering my counter top, and I burned my hand on the hot ladle.

That’s when I thought about my Reiki students as beginners, just starting out after taking a Reiki class. I love that the energy of Reiki is always good, intelligent, and knows where to go or what to do for healing. The practitioner who’s just doing sessions or practicing for the first few times may feel hesitant or unsure, but confident that the Reiki energy is GOOD. The fruit in my jam is always good, too, but as I go through the process of remembering how to make jam, I have a better understanding and recall a time when I was also a beginner Reiki practitioner.

What Does It Take To Be A Master?

Just like in making jam, practice is a good teacher. I already know the basics of making jam – sterilize the jars, follow directions, measure exactly, and have the right equipment. Yet it’s the nuances that make perfection. Timing and order of steps, for example, were big factors for me today. When practicing Reiki, intuitive placement of hands and how long to stay in each position may be at the top of the list for new practitioners. It’s also part of developing Spiritual Mastery.

I’ll never make jam every day – and maybe not every year like I used to. However, I’ll practice Reiki every day. I’ll DO healing work, choose intentions, meditate, and listen to and follow guidance.  I’ll also realize that when things go wrong, there’s a lesson to be learned and shared. Today I was reminded of the feeling of beginning again, of letting a practice go un-done for too long, and how, even if I mess up, the fruit of Spirit (and of the vine) is ALWAYS GOOD.

Human Evolution Toward Enlightenment

Enlightenment conjures images of glowing from within, a sense of knowing and seeing “beyond the veil”, and feeling that “Ah-ha” moment, well, every moment! However enlightenment is part of the Healer’s Journey – a path we all walk as we grow spiritually on the free-will planet we call Earth.

In this beautiful artwork by Adrian Salamandre, we can visualize Human Evolution as a journey through time. From the beginning of human existence there have always been choices. Yet, ancestral experiences on the arduous path along the serpent come through as war, toil, pain, and suffering. Humans evolution_by_adriansalamandre-d2bodktchose the hard way. We have proven we’re tough – that we can endure – but at great cost. Conflict, suffering, war, and pain can stick energetically to our souls – the wispy part of our vibration that is part of God.

Learning, healing, progressing, and becoming enlightened serve us on our journey and serve the ultimate gift of becoming more than with what we started. We have chosen to grow, to evolve, to help, and to lead. We’re “getting there”!

We’re at an interesting point now in human spiritual evolution. We can choose to transcend suffering, pain, war, and even our personal limitations. Limitations turn out to be choices, after all. Suffering, pain, conflict, and disease are all choices. Enlightenment is also a choice.

How do we shift our journey from the difficult, long path of human evolution to the speedy one of becoming an enlightened being? The path requires skills, knowledge, commitment, and practice. Tools of working with guides and masters, the spiritual beings in physical form who have supported us through the ages are right here. They always have been here! We see them as crystals, plants (and essential oils), animals, and the elements of water, fire, earth, and wind. We know them intimately in our meditations and in our dreams. We speak their energies through our words, and act their blessings through our practices as healers.

The Healer’s Journey involves awareness, practice, persistence, and compassion. By becoming more, we provide the light for others to follow – it’s their choice, after all. Prepare to become more luminous. Learn self-healing techniques. Use energy tools. Join us for Reiki classes at our healing center. We’re excited to be with you on your journey.


Second Nature Healing Newsletter October 2016

energy healing curriculum




Fall has always been my favorite time of year – maybe because I grew up in New Hampshire, perhaps one of the best places in the world to view Fall foliage. Yet, the season feels like more than that – bigger, savory, transitional, and abundant.
I’m passing along ABUNDANCE to you as we step into the season of harvest, and sending blessings for prosperity, healing, and all you desire. Be sure to take advantage of these Fall offers during October to nourish body, mind, and soul. 
Many blessings,

Savings on Self Care

self care healing sessions



 When colder weather comes, you take steps to stay warm. You know what your body needs. Click here to read my article “Recipes of Self Care”.
How about your emotions and YOUR SOUL?
This is where a little TLC from an Integrative Healing Session feels just right. It’s time to schedule your next appointment. I’ve set aside special days just for you in October and November to take advantage of extra savings.
Book one session – save 10%
Book two sessions – save 20% *
*multiple sessions are for a single individual, to be paid for in October 2016, and used before November 30, 2016

NEW – Private Mentoring
private mentoring for advanced Reiki classes



Sometimes your schedule doesn’t work with our class schedule. Yet, you’re ready to take the next step. We now offer Private Mentoring for our Advanced Reiki Classes – like Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki® Master, and more.
Ask us for details. We’d love to support you along your journey.

Usui Reiki Training

Super Savings Pricing!
Since our Usui Reiki I
& II classes are focused on Reiki training, they reflect our Super Savings prices.
Just starting? Newly interested? Need to re-take and refresh?
Ready for the next level?
Our basic Usui Reiki training focuses on technique, intuition, and practice.
We like to say that you’ll
develop Effortless Spiritual Awareness.
ANYONE can take Reiki I.
If you’re ready for Reiki II, please provide a valid certificate if you were attuned by someone other than us.
Join us October 8 & 9 for Usui Reiki attunement and training I & II

FREE Essential Oils






Are you taking advantage of FREE gifts from Young Living? October brings specials like Lavender, Clove, and Palo Santo essential oils.  
Lavender – great for skin, relaxation, soothing and calming.
Clove – this refreshing scent cleans the air. Diffuse when germs are a concern, or clean your kitchen with clove.
– a very special essential oil I like to use for cleaning negative energies, and feeling more grounded.
Click here to see all of the FREE essential oils for October when you take part in the Essential Rewards program.
Click the image to view the entire catalog.
Not a wholesale member yet? You can easily set up a wholesale account with Young Living by purchasing a Premium Starter kit.
Need help ordering? Just ask.



Where Are You On Your Spiritual Path?

July 2016 Newsletter




I love that we’re connected . . . and
I enjoy your feedback. When’s the last time someone really listened to you and your needs? Have you been able to express yourself clearly and know what you really want?

     Today, I invite you to schedule a FREE consultation. It’s about You and Your Path. Let’s find time to talk.
can map out a plan for you and take a look at your personal goals. Do your goals include:
  • Healing? – Do you have the tools in place to offer healing for yourself and others?
  • Learning? – Do you have the skills to move forward with enhancing your abilities – and maybe even teaching others?
  • Financial health? – Do you know where your passion lies? What’s keeping you from your financial bliss?
  • Emotional health? – Do you feel grounded, safe, and joyful? Find out where you’re strongest and where you need additional support.
you have questions? Call me! I can’t wait to hear from you.
See below for more ways connect with me – Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday!
Excited about our Reiki Classes? – We are, too!


We’ve made a few adjustments based on changing schedules. Join us for the next class. Explore the mysteries of Integrative Reiki. Enhance your life!
There’s still time to register for both classes!
Reiki I Integrative Enrichment class Saturday, August 6 Reiki II Integrative Enrichment class, August 13
Did you know that we offer more
than traditional Reiki classes? Our students are excited to know that we integrate workshops into our Reiki classes to expand and enhance your experience . . . you can learn about crystals, essential oils, and Shamanic practices that help you know more how to BE in the world. 
We’re here for you. We can map out a program that’s right for you. Call us! My daughter, Michelle, and I are waiting to hear from you.
Call for a free consultation about your individual and very special path.
New – Multi-session Packages for Transformation and Healing
Transformation packages


      You’ve recently become aware that there’s something more to life and the path you’ve been following. You’d like clarity and guidance that will
help reveal your true potential. Perhaps you’ve experienced trauma and stress that seems to be holding on, and you’re ready now to release it.
      Working with me provides you with the Intuitive Wisdom from your spiritual guides. You’ll love the one-on-one mentoring that comes with experience, compassion, and a true connection to
Transformation is a process – a journey that can be experienced with guidance all along the way.
Call me for a free consultation to see if a series of Integrative Healing sessions, private mentoring, and follow-up is part of your path.
refer a frien




SUNDAY, July 25, 2-7 p.m.
Come experience a community of healers, tap into Divine Wisdom, and enjoy the company of other seekers. I’ll be there as a featured healer, offering low cost mini-healing sessions, $10-$20.
Muse Den: 2926 NE Flanders (Red door on left side of building
Find it on Facebook
The Young Living Convention earlier this month inspired thousands of people to implement natural ways for families to be well. Now, you have the opportunity to get in on the excitement and learn new ways to be a part of the movement toward natural health.
Click the links to register. Let me know if you’re coming.
We can have dinner together before the meetings.