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Chakra Balance Tool

What’s the first thing you do if you begin to lose your balance?

I never liked the feeling of falling, crashing to the sidewalk and experiencing the crunch of bones, joints, and, well, my sense of self. I know you understand what I mean. The truth is, we have too much experience with being off-balance – not just in the physical way of falling, but the emotional and spiritual way, too. Life happens. People (and animals) get sick. Friends move. Jobs change. Crises occur. That’s all part of the journey. But if you’re feeling off-balance for long, you might tend to stay that way. (I see it all too often!)

Hold on. Brace yourself. Prepare for the worst. In that split second before the fall, you reach out, trying to grasp something to support you. If you’re lucky, it works and you avoid the consequences. If you lose your balance and find yourself sitting on an icy sidewalk (as I did a few years ago), you hold on, brace yourself, and reach out for a hand up. What you do next really matters.

I’m the type of person who grabs onto lessons at every opportunity. Though after my second fall (yes, I fell twice in the same spot) I took extra precautions to make sure I wouldn’t fall again. I changed the type of shoes I was wearing to have extra traction, and walked on the other side of the street to avoid icy spots. However, I was sore and really put a lot of effort into self-care with massage and acupuncture, as well as yoga and stretching.

I had the nagging questions of WHY I fell, why it happened in the same place, and what was I supposed to be doing in my life. The fall came as a message from the universe, I felt, that somehow I needed to pay attention to being more balanced – in every way! If you think like that, too, and if a fall isn’t just a fall, then take the opportunity to go a little deeper.

The Chakra Balance Tool

chakra balance tool downloadChakras are energy centers in the body that move and spin. These energy centers are a direct expression of your soul as they manifest into physical form. If you’re feeling weak, injured, upset, stuck, or otherwise deficient in some way, it could be because you’re either blocking energy or leaking energy. Both blocking and leaking energy are often regulated, at least in part, by emotions, events, and perceptions. These topics can fill books. To make it easy, I’ll just skip to the solution.

The Chakra Balance Tool is designed to give you the power to heal yourself. You don’t have to be attuned to Reiki to use the tool and do the exercise, however, using Reiki amplifies the process. If you’re on my list already, you have a direct link to the tool in my newsletter. If not, just subscribe and I’ll be happy to send it to you.


How Energy Effects Your Health

I know how it is. Sometimes you just need a little more energy. But did you know that the energy, emotions, experiences, and life events you had 6 to 9 months ago are just now presenting themselves in your physical body?  Life events based around relationships – divorce, break-ups, etc. – can express themselves in the moment as sadness or grief. You might feel it in your heart. Energetically these events and feelings can become lodged or stuck, repeating themselves in your mind, manifesting in your dreams, and showing up as symptoms in the coming months.

Evidence of such physical manifestations have long been studied. Research shows a higher incidence of heart disease and breast cancer in women who’ve been divorced or widowed less than one year prior to diagnosis. It’s hard to ignore the possibility of such events helping to cause the most serious medical symptoms we see today. What, then, can be done as a means of helping to prevent such serious outcomes?

Vibrational Medicine

According to Dr. Richard Gerber, author of several books on Vibrational Medicine, it’s our etheric energy body that determines our physical nature. Instead of trying to correct or treat illnesses by treating symptoms, it’s much more effective (and perhaps even logical) to correct vibrations in the energy field, balancing chakras, opening blockages, and clearing lower vibrations (negative energies). These energy techniques may not only work as a means of preventing the manifestation of lower vibrations as symptoms, but may also act as a way to correct imbalances currently expressing themselves as disease.

The thought that energy medicine could work is not new. For the intellectual person who likes to read, I’d like to suggest any of Dr. Gerber’s books. You may also like Dr. Candace Pert’s book, Molecules of Emotion, or Dr. Bruce Lipton’s book, The Biology of Belief. For natural practitioners, vibrational medicine is a “no-brainer”. In fact, it’s important to note that getting out of your head (intellectualizing the relationship of health and disease), and into your energy body (feeling, knowing, experiencing, etc.) may be the best you can ever do for your health. The shift toward WHOLENESS reveals itself as better health.

Chakras and the Solfeggio Frequencies

Briefly, the chakra system of the body is based on the movement of energies through points along the back body. As energy crosses energy along this central channel it creates a vortex, or chakra. Each chakra is influenced by frequencies that either promote the flow of energy or block the energy. In my experience and training with the Energy Vitality Technique, Solfeggio frequencies help bring the body’s energy field into alignment with the correct frequency of wholeness and health.


Sound Healing

Vibrational Sound Therapy may be the answer you were hoping for. A non-invasive, non-chemical technique of introducing harmony in the body – either before symptoms appear or even after a diagnosis – offers no adverse side-effects and only potential for healing and recovery. Experience the Energy Vitality Technique with Rosemary Levesque at Second Nature Healing today.


8 Affirmations for Balance, Health, Love and Prosperity in Your Life

The Irrefutable Rules of Personal Energy

What makes living your day worthwhile? Family? Work? Compassion toward others? A sense of purpose? If you’re struggling to find meaning in your life, it could mean, very simply, that your personal energy is out of balance.

Do you find yourself saying that things are going badly, or that you feel miserable? It’s okay to acknowledge that. However, repeating those feelings and saying those negative statements can actually become ingrained into your physical, emotional, and spiritual body. Your mind believes what you tell it. Your mind won’t argue with you. What you tell your mind becomes irrefutable.  You could become stuck in self-deprecating energy. What if you could shift that just a little so that you fed your mind “good” thoughts instead?

What Are Affirmations?

Affirmations are words and ideas we use to help bring personal energy back into alignment with Source energy. By saying positive words such as the ones suggested here, even if you don’t believe them 100%, something magical happens. Your mind begins to take your affirmations as truth. What may have been off-balance before the affirmations gradually becomes a natural part of your day.

Affirmations and Chakras

Your body’s personal energy is a magnificent matrix of spinning whirls of high frequencies that can actually be measured, sensed, and enhanced. These energies are referred to as chakras. Each chakra has a color associated with it – an actual frequency and sensation that manifests physically as well as emotionally in your body. For example, if your root chakra is weak, you may not feel safe, or you may have issues with financial security, feeling ungrounded and insecure.

Try saying these affirmations daily while visualizing the colors for each chakra.

Chakra balance


7. I am divinely protected and guided.

6. I am clear. I am open to my intuition.

5. I speak truthfully and trust my creativity.

4. I forgive myself and others, opening my heart to love.

3. I am worthy. I am confident.

2. I am loved. I am enough.

1. I am safe and secure. I have everything I need.

8. I release everything that no longer serves me.

Chakra Magic Workshop

It’s possible to begin to heal yourself, enhance your energy, and bring about balance, health, love, and prosperity in your life. We’ve put together an amazing workshop series for you, one that is affordable, fun, and productive! We hope you can join us. Learn more about Chakra Healing and Chakra Magic here.

Contact Rosemary directly with your questions, or to get on the list for all of our Reiki training classes and healing workshops.