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Loving Animals – The Emotional Connection

Working with animals requires more than sensitivity. As healers, we have to be sensitive to the subtle signs and find ways to feel confident and filled with hope. Our animals trust us and rely on our choices to support them in their healing. Join us for webinar 20 of the Healer’s Journey as we discuss the human/animal bond and the strong emotions we have for the health and wellbeing of our animal companions.

What are some of the tools we have available to us when working with animals?

Animal Healing

  • Reiki
  • Essential Oils
  • Zeolite

Loving Animals – The Emotional Connection, Webinar #20

Working with Animals

As a healer on the Healer’s Journey, we often have the privilege to not only encounter animals, but also offer our intuitive healing abilities. Working with animals takes sensitivity, practice, knowledge, and understanding. Even as a biologist and biology teacher for many years, I had little understanding back then of actually working with animals in a healing capacity. My knowledge of the physical nature of animals ran deep – to the molecular level. I knew about animal biology, animal anatomy and physiology, and had a good understanding of genetics, evolution and biochemistry of animals. Science was an important part of my education as a healer in today’s world. I was meant to be a biologist to bring that knowledge as a tool for the sensitive nature of working with animals as a healer.

In this episode of The Healer’s Journey, we explore the physical nature of animals, noting the similarities and differences we have with animals.